The World’s Best Luggage Brands

The World’s Best Luggage Brands

Which suitcase is better to buy is a good question, when choosing a suitcase the most important thing is that it is adapted to the conditions in which we travel. It is preferable to choose a model more modern, time-tested, and factory-made with an official factory warranty. Even a relatively inexpensive suitcase can also be good, provided it is made of durable materials and factory-tested. An indicator of quality is at least a warranty of one year or more.

The life of a travel suitcase depends not only on operating conditions but also on the firm manufacturer. How in all the variety to choose the brand that vouchsafes for the quality of produced luggage?

To accommodate all the clothes, to jump over a dozen curbs, to withstand loading into the luggage compartment of the aircraft, to withstand temperature fluctuations – during the trip the suitcase is faced with high loads. What manufacturer took into consideration all these nuances and can offer the traveler the most durable and also the most fashionable suitcase?

Today we have compiled for you a list of the best suitcase manufacturers on the market. Choose and travel without worries!

The Best Brands

The suitcase is a travel accessory that every family has, and not just one. Unlike bags, it keeps things as they were packed by the owner. No vacation can do without a suitcase, whether it is a trip within the country or a long flight to other continents. Its importance is hard to underestimate. Due to the ever-increasing demand, manufacturers are developing more and more comfortable and stylish designs that could satisfy all travelers, from the smallest to the most sophisticated. Suitcases are made of different materials.

There are models with a hard case, soft, or combined. Additional compartments and pockets allow the competent use of space and compactly stow all the necessary things on the trip. The most convenient and common type of suitcase is on wheels. With it, you do not have to make an effort to “drag” unsupportable luggage. Even the heaviest bags can easily roll not only on the asphalt but also on an uneven surface.

Today there are quite a lot ofManufacturers of travel accessories, and Each of them occupies itsniche in the market and produces models in a particular price category. Some brands create collections for the consumer audience with different financial capabilities. We propose to get acquainted with the best manufacturers of wheeled suitcases, which received the majority of votes from buyers and experts.



Samsonite company for many years keeps one of the leading positions in all sorts of ratings of suitcases manufacturers. The brand produces a variety of suitcases on 2 and 4 wheels, cloth and plastic, polypropylene, polycarbonate, and innovative patented material Curv. The price range is designed for a wide range of customers.

The brand is considered the founder of “suitcase fashion” and has been on the market for over 100 years. The brand was founded in the U.S., but today the head office is located in Belgium. The firm has the largest network of stores and warranty centers around the world. The company is confident in the quality of its products, so some models have a lifetime warranty. The company offers a huge range of luggage, from economy to premium class. A special pride of the brand is the Curv development – uniquely interwoven plastic fibers. Suitcases with such a body are incredibly light and durable.



Rimowa is one of the leaders in the world’s suitcase fashion. All of the company’s products have theirpassport andindividual number, which makes it possible to avoid product counterfeiting. The brand was founded in 1898, and the first suitcases were made of wood.

The firm regularly develops and improves the quality of products. Rimowa specializes in premium products. Prices will seem high to many because the average cost varies in the range of one and a half thousand dollars. But this is justified, because the brand is considered not just elite, but also innovative, and one of the trendsetters. Rimowa was the first to produce aluminum suitcases. The warranty on most models is 5 years.



Style-conscious travelers love the ultra-smooth look of the Away brand, whose suitcases come in both neutral and vibrant hues. Away suitcases are equipped with high-quality Hinomoto wheels that rotate 360 degrees. The nicest feature of these suitcases is the optional, removable battery for charging devices.

These suitcases are lightweight and stylish and are great for holding two weeks of travel. Plus, the bag comes with a lifetime warranty, which ultimately makes the price reasonable.

Away are simple and comfortable suitcases with nice value for money. They won’t cost more than the vacation itself, as is often the case with luxury models, but they will serve you well: Away is durable and lightweight. Away also has small bags, perfect for short trips.



Legendary American suitcase maker founded in 1877. Initially focused on creating expensive products, but a little later launched budget ranges as well.

However, after the purchase of the Samsonite brand in 2012, it was decided to return to the production of exclusive expensive models. These are not only practical but also very beautiful items, proudly demonstrating the status of their owner.

Exquisite and not cheap Hartmann suitcases are an indicator of refinement and good taste. Such suitcases will always be relevant, so if you are ready to spend more than average on luggage, feel free to buy a Hartmann suitcase.



THULE backpacks and travel bags are a European level of quality. The Swedish brand has a long history and international recognition among travelers.

In 1942, Eric Thule established the production of goods necessary for fishing activities in Sweden. Already called THULE, the company refocused on the production of special bindings for travel gear, and a variety of removable carriers appeared in the range. A little later the company’s range was expanded to bags and luggage.

These convenient and durable accessories immediately won their audienceand became reliable helpers for those who are always on the move, no matter – on the rough terrain of natural landscapes or in a modern city.

Today the brand is known worldwide, the company has three thousand employees, and the head office is still located in the Swedish city of Malmö, the largest industrial center of Scandinavia.

American Tourister

American Tourister

The American Tourister brand is popular in many countries because of its affordable price and good quality. They include colorful plastic suitcases, patterned cases, and classic fabric suitcases. Some of the most popular suitcases are from the Airconic, Wavebreaker, and Sunside collections.

The brand gained worldwide popularity in the early 90s, before that American Tourister was a purely American company. The brand makes and sells medium and economy-class luggage. The suitcases will be suitable for people who do not want to overpay for an advertised brand but simply want to transport their belongings safely.

American Tourister suitcases clearly show that you do not need to overpay by buying high-quality travel accessories. You can choose from plastic and fabric models of all sizes, colors, and functionality.



Bric’s deservedly finds itself in our rating of the world’s best suitcase manufacturers. Since 1952 the brand has been preserving true Italian traditions and combining them with modern design. Each Bric’s suitcase looks like a work of art and has a wide range of functions.

In Bric’s catalog, you can always find a suitcase on wheels made of ultramodern materials in different colors. Every element of the design is carefully checked and thought out. The soft wheels turn 360°. They are silent, easily overcome obstacles, and soften the impact. An increased security system protects against theft. The interior space is divided into compartments for clothes, shoes, and useful little things. The textile, of which the top is made, is covered with a water-repellent layer, which guarantees the safety of things during transportation. The plastic has reinforced shockproof properties, it is not scratched or cracked. The appearance of the product is preserved after years of use.

Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek offers practical bags and suitcases that are designed to last. Eagle Creek suitcases are well made, look good, and have many useful but discreet features, such as an external strap for stowing your jacket and many internal organizational touches. This brand’s suitcases come with a lifetime warranty, which proves once again the company’s confidence in the quality of its products.

Eagle Creek suitcases are the choice for those who first of all value reliability and modesty, and there are still many such customers.



Suitcases of this brand are created by a professional and true expert in his craft. TravelPro is a brand created by Bob Plath, a pilot who traveled around the world and dreamed of finding the perfect suitcase that was comfortable to use. Desperate, Plath created the Rollaboard, a carry-on bag that is small enough to fit in the carry-on compartment, yet large enough to hold everything you need.

Rollaboard bags offer plenty of pockets for organization, including a very important hidden exterior pocket for quick access to your phone and passport. TravelPro also makes traditional suitcases as well as garment bags, laptop bags, and backpacks.



This popular luggage brand offers hard-shell suitcases with very bright and unusual prints. Heys has designs for all tastes – romantic girly ornaments, marble finish, and a very cool and bright line for kids with bags in the shape of animals.

The Smart Access line of suitcases is especially popular. These suitcases can open like a standard hard-shell suitcase, where the center zippers and two halves open on both sides, or they can open like a traditional suitcase – simply by flipping the lid open for a cover.

Heys has been on the market since 1986. But since then, the brand has managed to achievesuccess and become one of the leading manufacturers of luggage. The cost of suitcases of this brand can be attributed to the middle category.

The philosophy is a combination of innovative technology and bold design solutions. For the development of prints, famous contemporary artists are involved.



Tumi is the name of a Peruvian ceremonial knife that the founder of the now world-famous suitcase brand in South America saw and was inspired by its exquisite and mysterious beauty.

The Tumi brand, founded in 1975, is focused on the luxury segment. The company’s meticulous attention to detail and meticulous design set it apart from its many competitors.

The company was a pioneer in the field of travel accessories. It was the first to produce ballistic nylon bags in the 1980s, and immediately took the leading position among the producers of travel goods in the world. The collections still use a patented material of ballistic nylon, which is not subject to wearand does not get dirty, because it does not attract dust and dirt. This is the material used to make bulletproof vests.

Tumi has more than two dozen patents in its arsenal. Among them, the company is famous for its products without zippers – on snaps. All products before reaching the consumer go through 30 unique tests. Not for nothingmany wealthy people and celebrities buy its products.

Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley is a fairly young company compared to many of its competitors who have been in the luggage market for decades, if not centuries. The company was founded in 1993 as a division of US Lgage, a suitcase manufacturing firm since the early 1970s. Since their founding, Briggs & Riley has managed to win over customers from all over the world, thanks to the elegant, incredibly sleek look of its suitcases as well as its technology.

The company has patented a suitcase expansion-compression technology, as well as a unique handle called Outsider, which allows for a perfectly flat luggage bag base. As for Tupperware technology, it is available in the Baseline and Sympatico lines and allows the bag to expand by more than a third during packing and then compress it using mechanisms on the sides of the bag to make everything compact and ready to carry on board.

Delsey Luggage

Delsey Luggage

If you are looking for a good suitcase, not like the others, the models by Delsey are the best option. Each suitcase is made in a recognizable modern design with the use of high-tech materials. French suitcases fully justify their high cost through their quality, functionality, and, of course,their appearance. Delsey offers a perfect balance of durability and design.

The brand is known throughout Europe for more than 70 years. All models are made from high-quality plastic and have an exclusive design. The appearance of wheeled suitcases is so original that it is in demand among many celebrities. A distinctive feature of the Delsey models is the signature double Zip Securi Tech zipper. The quality of the products corresponds to the declared value, so a French suitcase on wheels will last more than 10 years.

Victorinox Luggage

Victorinox Luggage

Many people know this company as a manufacturer of multifunctional knives. The history of the Swiss brand began in the late 19th century. But today, the range has added travel accessories. Like all the products of the company, Victorinox suitcases are characterized by high quality, recognizable style, and reliability. Prices for these suitcases, of course, are not the lowest, but the quality is guaranteed.

The wide range of the company represents all the necessary goods for travel. It includes men’s and women’s suitcases of different sizes. Classic shapes are a priority.

For the external layer of Victorinox suitcases, structured polycarbonate and durable polyester with water-repellent coating are used. The manufacturer took care of luggage security, equipping models with a multifunctional system of protection against burglary. These are code locks, double zippers with locks. The inside spaces are designed to store both small and bulky things. The wheel mechanism of Victorinox suitcases is a rugged, silent design that helps to easily carry the heaviest luggage.



Beloved by many of the world’s celebrities, the Italian brand of suitcases Piquadro is synonymous with elegance and comfort inluggage fashion. It is a relatively young brand that appeared in 1987. But this does not prevent it from taking a confident position in the premium segment of travel accessories.

The emphasis in the production is not only on appearance but also on functionality. For more than 20 years, it has been producing designer, beautiful and comfortable suitcases as well as other accessories. The style and direction of the product depending on its belonging to a certain collection.

All models undergo a three-stage quality controland have theirnumber, even small details are carefully designed. They are studied by a whole team of designers. Only natural leather from proven Italian manufacturers is used in the production.



The young and rapidly developing Chinese company has long gone beyond the production of digital devices. Products of its subsidiaries can be found in many categories: from raincoats to rockets for launching into space. They did not bypass the suitcases.

Products of this brand are reliable, technologically advanced, and inexpensive. There are innovative smart suitcases that are equipped with additional functions such as self-propulsion, recharging gadgets, and tracking their location.

Collections of Xiaomi suitcases include models in a minimalist design of quiet colors, as well as bright, youthful suitcases. First-class materials are used in the manufacture. Lightweight, fragile-looking polycarbonate does not burst and does not deform after mechanical impact. The three-layer structure guarantees resistance to pressure and compression, and reliably protects the surface from scratches. Special longitudinal grooves serve as reinforcing ribs. Innovative fabrics are tear-resistant, don’t get wet, and are well-cleaned from dirt. The inner space of the suitcases is optimally designed to accommodate all kinds of things.



Wenger is a Swiss company, famous primarily for its folding knives. Suitcases appeared in the range only in 1997, but since then, the manufacturer has achieved notable success in mastering the niche.

It is a famous Swiss brand that, in addition to travel bags, makes watches, belts, wallets, and other status accessories. Therefore, when buying products from Wenger, you can be sure of their quality. Buyers note the reliability, durability, and lightness of these Swiss suitcases.

Wenger cloth suitcases are made of high-quality polyester, which is why the frame of the luggage providesfull safety for its contents. All models are equipped with handy maneuverable wheels. The products are very reliable and hard-wearing, as evidenced by the five-year warranty andpositive feedback from the owners. Collections include a variety of designs and colors from business black to juicy summer shades.



This now famous luggage accessory company was founded in 1983 in the south of Germany and started with the production of soft suitcases. And in 2000 the production of plastic models was launched. Design, number of wheels, price – everything for every taste and purse. The most popular collections can be distinguished from Aerospace, X-Ray, and Xenon.

German manufacturer of travel accessories is known for the quality of its products. The brand can be called affordable for all consumers. A special feature of Titan is the unusual design of models, as well as its attention to detail. Advanced developments and first-class materials are used in the manufacture. But the bold colors and unusual ribbed surface pattern deserve special recognition. Most of the accessories are very roomy and easy to use.



Another famous Italian company Roncato for the most part produces medium-priced suitcases. There are a variety of collections of robust fabric and durable plastic suitcases, many of which are truly unique and unlike other brands. Some of the most interesting collections are We Are Glam, Box 4.0, and Ypsilon.

This Family Company from Italy was founded in the 1970s as a firm to produce attaché cases, but in just a couple of decades has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of travel suitcases.

Known for their handmade two-tone luggage, these luxurious products from the Milanese manufacturer look straight out of the so-called golden age of air travel.

The constant introduction of new technology and regular lineup development make the company a leader in luggage production in Italy. The durable plastic suitcases are covered by a ten-year warranty. All models are available in the medium price range.



The popular American brand from California was founded in 1978. Thepriority of the manufacturer is quality and accessibility to the general public. The product is distinguished by its thoughtful filling and ergonomics.

The soft divider inside the suitcase, which divides its contents into two equal parts, is Ricardo’s know-how. With it, itbecame more convenient to transport things and quickly find the right one.

Outwardly, their travel bags are laconic and stylish. Inside there are many different departments, compartments, and pockets, which greatly help keep things in order.

Ricardo manufactures fabric suitcases of ballistic nylon withincreased strength and abrasion-resistant polyester, as well as plastic suitcases made of polypropylene or polycarbonate. They are sturdy, reliable, and very maneuverable, regardless of volume or size. A rarity on the market is the rigid and expandable suitcase. In the line of this manufacturer, there are such examples.

The following brands also deserve your attention



Globe-Trotter has been making travel bags for over a century. The Globe-Trotter logo, which is an elephant, is the result of an experiment. At a zoological garden in London, they put a trained elephant in an empty suitcase and the model stayed in its original shape even under that pressure.

This company’s suitcases sank with the passengers of the Titanic, the climber Edmund Hillary took the Globe-Trotter to Everest and the traveler Amundsen — on an expedition to Antarctica. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill kept papers in his Globe-Trotter briefcase, and Elizabeth II traveled with Globe-Trotter suitcases on her honeymoon.

Calpak Luggage

Calpak Luggage

Pink or gold, marbled or crocodile skin, laconic or with colorful confetti: Calpak luggage is made to meet the needs of millennials. The photogenic suitcases are sold in a set of two: the smaller one can be taken in the cabin, and the second goes in the luggage compartment.



Paravel models are made of rough canvas, which creates a cool vintage look, andis very technologically advanced – it won’t let water in and is more likely to get bored than wiped out.

The Aviator suitcase is Paravel’s most popular product. comes in two sizes: a carry-on as well as a carry-on plus. Both have a compression board inside, which is very easy to transport, as well as a removable accessory pouch. Compared to most carry-on luggage, these models are very lightweight and include 360-degree carbon steel wheels that roll smoothly from gate to gate.

Crash Baggage

Crash Baggage

A brand for those worried about something happening to their luggage. Crash Baggage, whose production facility is near Venice, spares those worries: the suitcases are initially released with dents. Very fashionable, bright and cool, the suitcases of this brand are also technological.



Central Saint Martins alumnus Anson Shum is behind the Ookonn brand of suitcases with unusual shapes. When he came up with the first models, he was guided by vintage hat cases: he added wheels and handles to them and launched a line of round suitcases.



Alezar, a Finnish company with itsfactory in China, is one of the few brands that offer luggage with 2, 4, and 8 wheels. The products differ in size, design, andnumber of additional parts.



English brand is known for its quality children’s travel accessories. The brand’s inspirer and chief designer Rob Lowe is engaged in the creation of hybrid models of riding toys and suitcases. That’s why all Trunki products are not only capacious bags on wheels but also comfortable toys with a seat, special handles, and bright colors.



Dielle is an Italian brand, which is rightfully ranked at the top of the best manufacturers in Europe. The products of this company are durable, functional, and beautiful. Restrained colors and recognizable design allow them to stand out from the crowd of monotonous luggage. And what is especially nice – the cost of such products is quite reasonable and certainly justified.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

The company that started the existence of luggage in its modern form. Today they are very expensive and status objects. Each piece is assembled by hand using high-quality leather and fabric. The elaborate filling and recognizable thanks to the cage pattern and the LV monogram style allow them to remain in demand among fashionistas even today.

Other Brands

To say that in the previous section we named all the worthy brands would be unfair. Many companies in the international market deserve high praise.

Many fashion brands produce products under theirbrand name, including Michael Kors, Vivienne Westwood, Guess, Chiara Ferragni, and many others.

In addition to companies that specialize in the production of clothing and accessories, suitcases are also produced by well-known car brands. Buyers have access to models created by Audi, BMW, Lamborghini Jaguar, and even Rolls-Royce. These automakers’ suitcases are created based on innovative technologies and the most advanced materials such as carbon fiber and heavy-duty polycarbonate.

The modern suitcase is more than a capacious bag on wheels. They strive to make suitcases more mobile, more comfortable, and lighter and even give them additional features.

How to choose the right suitcase

How to choose the right suitcase

Choosing the right suitcase has a decisive influence on the comfort of your trip. Before buying a cheap suitcase from supermarkets, it is worth considering whether this product will meet our expectations. If we travel once or twice a year, moving only by car or train, choosing a cheap option may be worthwhile. But in most cases, we want the suitcase to live for years and work in all circumstances: both on short trips andlong trips.

So, to buy a suitcase, which one is better? How to choose the right suitcase so that it is durable, adapted to our needs, and does not empty our wallet?

Here are some tips to look for.

For any traveler, buying a suitcase is often complicated by the large number of models, functionalities, and designs. But experts recommend paying attention to more important criteria – size, material, wheels.


How to choose Sizes luggage

Modern manufacturers make travel suitcases of different sizes, which makes it easy to choose a suitable option. Today on the market there are:

S – small, no higher than 45-56 centimeters;

M – medium, with a height of 58-65 cm;

L – large, the sum of length, width, and height can reach 158 cm, and the height – 70;

XL – for suitcases, the height of which begins from 80 cm.

When buying, be sure to consider the functionality of each size model.


What is best luggage Material

In terms of material, fabric suitcases can increase usable space, unlike plastic ones. They have a lower cost but also require special care. Plastic ones have good durability and performance because they are not afraid of bumps and scratches. They do not get dirty and wash well. Leather suitcases emphasize the owner’s status, but they are very expensive and are not resistant to scratches and damage. The inside should be equipped with many compartments, thanks to which things are distributed in an accessible way.


Plastic luggage

Plastic suitcases can withstand heavy loads without losing their appearance. They are made of polycarbonate, polypropylene, and ABS plastic. These materials are heavy-duty, hard-wearing, and protected from external damage. But such suitcases have a closed body without any additional external pockets.


luggage CURV material

The material Curv is an exclusive development of the Belgian company Samsonite. It is known for its impact resistance, especially at low temperatures. It also has a high energy absorption. All this makes it possible to use the technology not only in the manufacture of travel bags but also for skates, protective shields, body armor, and vehicle underbody protection.


luggage fabric material

Special synthetic fibers are used in the manufacture of fabric travel suitcases. Most often it is polyester and nylon. The strength of the material is measured in “denes”, which the manufacturer necessarily indicates in the characteristics. The more “denes”, the denser and higher quality the material. If the label does not specify the number of “denes”, then the fabric is of the lowest quality (D300, no more). The optimal value is D800 and higher.


Leather material luggage

Such suitcases indicate the status of their owner. But it should be taken into account that this applies only to models made of genuine leather. The cost of such a suitcase is high, but the surface of the case scratches and deteriorates faster. Usually, leather travel accessories of excellent quality are made by well-known brands.


How to choise Handles luggage

This characteristic is paid attention to when choosing a suitcase more often than all the others. If it is made of low-quality material, it will not last long. It is important to consider the material (better aluminum than plastic), ergonomics, and the presence of several levels of fixation.


how to choose Handles Telescopic luggage

These handles allow you to quickly move the suitcase on wheels, so they must be able to withstand the maximum load. A good telescopic handle web is fixed does not dangle and does not make strange noises during use. A flimsy retractable handle will not last long.

Stitched-in carry handles

Stitched-in carry handles

A good travel suitcase should have an extra handle for carrying your luggage as a carry-on. Usually, they are made of plastic or textile (it depends on what material the suitcase itself is made of). When choosing the right model, check how firmly the handle is sewn to the base. It should be good kapron threads (no glue!). It is good if the manufacturer has provided additional means of fastening (rivets, etc.).

Additional handles

Additional handling luggages

A stand-up handle for a handbag increases the functionality of the travel suitcase. But not all manufacturers use additional handle stands.


Wheels luggages

Another important detail to consider when choosing a travel suitcase. Good wheels can make transporting even large luggage comfortable and easy. But if you save money or do not check the quality of the wheels, the operation of the suitcase will be a problem. Therefore, before finally buying pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • It must match the size of the suitcase.
  • If plastic, only very high quality. It is good if there are metal bearings.
  • 4 wheels are better than 2. There are models with 8 wheels, but usually, manufacturers stop at 4.
  • The wheels should be attached to the suitcase itself. This makes them easier to change.
  • The wheels should rotate 360 degrees to make it easier to transport. Modern manufacturers take this need into account.


When buying a travel suitcase, pay attention to the various features of this or that model, without which the operation will be incomplete. Good luggage should have a code lock, pockets, special fixing straps, and more.

The number of internal compartments

The number of internal compartments

As a rule, a suitcase has one large compartment to store the main things. Manufacturers often make an additional pocket, closed or in the form of a zippered mesh. Larger models often have several internal compartments for storing technology and various small things.

Lashing straps

Lashing straps

The main compartment is always equipped with special straps that fix the owner’s belongings. Without them, it is impossible to keep order inside the suitcase. But when choosing, it is important to pay attention to the quality of fasteners.

Zippers – fasteners

Zippers fasteners luggages

Modern suitcases are most often closed with a zipper, although there are variants with latches (usually plastic suitcases). The quality of the zipper suitcase depends on the duration of use. Usually, they are plastic zippers with metal tabs, often with rubberized protection.

Exterior pockets

Exterior pockets luggages

External compartments are only in fabric or leather models. As a rule, there are several, and they are closed with a zipper.

Built-in scales

Built in scales luggages

This feature is not in all travel suitcases, but it allows you to know in advance the weight of the suitcase and not to pay for overweight at the airport. The screen and the activation button are located near the handle.

Built-in code lock

Built in code loc luggages

To secure the inside contents against tampering, buy suitcases with TSA functionality. This means that if you have to be searched, customs will open your suitcase with a special universal key without breaking your code or damaging the product itself. There should side handles on the top and side, so you can carry your suitcase in your hands when needed. Locks and fittings should be strong, the best are considered metal, with the presence of two runners. Thanks to them, the suitcase will be easier to open.

The right choice of a reliable quality suitcase depends on a large number of factors. This applies to the material of the product, accessories, capacity, and ease of operation.


Buying a suitcase is fun, but it’s also stressful. After all, finding a new suitcase is like finding a new couch or mattress – a potentially big purchase that you want to prolong for years, even decades. And there are so many factors to consider: is the suitcase soft or hard? Are the TSA locks approved? What’s the situation with the pockets?

There are names in the world of suitcase manufacturers that don’t even need to be introduced. Many have already recognized the merits of these travel accessories. The names of the brands themselves become synonymous with the high quality of their products.

Famous brands, more often than not, also imply quite high prices for the products. Although it is due to the high quality of the travel accessories. But more budget-friendly manufacturers offer decent performance for a lower cost.


How to pack a suitcase on a plane?

A few days before the trip, it is worth making a list of all the things you need to pack in your suitcase. Convenient is a suitcase model with the ability to increase the available space (suitcases with zippers increase, for extra volume, usually an increase of 15-30%).

As it turns out, the technique of folding clothes is also very important. It is best to fold things and put them in the suitcase next to each other, remembering to place the largest and heaviest items in the middle of the suitcase, and items (such as cosmetics and lotions, books and shoes), put evenly around the perimeter. It is recommended to load the suitcase at least 2/3 (a little more than half) of the total volume, this will fill the interior space evenly and prevent damage to the luggage.

Cleaning plastic suitcases

To effectively clean a dirty suitcase, choose a cleaning agent according to the material from which it is made. Plastic suitcases should be cleaned with a cloth or soft sponge soaked in a solution of water and dishwashing liquid or window cleaner. Before cleaning a contaminated surface, it is a good idea to test the action of the detergent on a less visible part of the body. This ensures that the detergent you are using will not discolor or damage the case material. Do not use strong chemicals to clean your suitcases such as bleach, stain removers, solvents, or petrol.

Cleaning fabric suitcases

Fabric suitcases made of synthetic fibers should be cleaned with foams and powders designed for upholstered furniture care. The product should be applied to the dirty area and left in the time specified by the manufacturer. Foams that absorb dirt should be carefully removed with a cloth, brush, sponge, or vacuum cleaner. It is worth testing the cleaner on an invisible part of the case before applying it. After cleaning, leave the case in a ventilated area to dry. However, nylon suitcases should not be exposed to a bright sunny balcony or terrace – this material is not very resistant to sunlight.

How to take care of suitcases?

Taking good care of your suitcase is not just about removing visible dirt. It is worth remembering that every time you return from vacation, clean the inside of the suitcase of sand. Sand debris stuck in the corners of the suitcase is extremely difficult to remove (it can damage the lining fabric) – you can use a vacuum cleaner to do this. It is also worth remembering to clean the wheel system after each trip. Regular removal of dust and sand will protect the mechanism from jamming and damage.

Where to store the suitcase?

Large suitcases are rarely stored in apartments. Very often after the holiday season, they are placed in utility rooms such as basements, closets, or attics. Suitcases can be stored in this way, as long as these rooms have suitable conditions. Above all, places with high humidity should be avoided. Prolonged storage of a suitcase in such conditions can lead to its irreversible destruction. This danger is especially true of textile models, which can develop mold. When storing your suitcase in a dry room, remember to protect it from dust. This can be done by using plastic bags (which comes with the suitcase). A popular way to store it is to put one suitcase in another. This is a method that saves a lot of space. However, it is worth remembering that the wheels can tear the lining of the second suitcase – it is worth covering them, for example, with bubble wrap.