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Since the TikTok platform was released in 2016, its logo hasn’t changed that much. There’s been a single update so far, which included several minor modifications.
The project was launched in China under the name of Douyin. While the original name was preserved for China, the service was introduced globally as TikTok. In the fall of 2017, ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, purchased a social media app Musical.ly and merged it with TikTok.
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Meaning and history

TikTok Logo history

2016 — Today

Tiktok Logo 2016
The core of the TikTok logo has always been the “note” (the “d” symbol). We should point out that it hasn’t gone through any notable modifications since it was introduced.

2017 — 2018

Tiktok Logo 2017
The wordmark was added to the note. In the original wordmark, “Tik” and “Tok” were given as two separate words: a gap can be clearly seen between them. While this was the most notable difference, it wasn’t the only one. The glyphs themselves looked vaguer, there were fewer clear angles. For instance, take a look at the ends of the top bar on the “T’s” or the “k’s” on the original logo.

2018 — Today

TikTok logo
The wordmark was slightly tweaked in 2018.
The two parts of the logo, the emblem and the name of the brand, can be positioned in several different ways. The wordmark can be placed under the note, and in this case, the note will be comparatively large. When the note is placed to the left of the text, it is only slightly larger than the letters.
While the original wordmark was black and white, the version adopted in 2018 features color accents on the “o.” They copy the shades of blue and red used on the main TikTok logo. Not only are the colors the same, but also the shape of the “o” echoes the note, which helps to create visual rhythm and merge the two parts of the logo into a coherent whole.
The distance between the first “k” and the “T” has grown smaller. And yet, the two syllables still don’t look exactly like a single word because the second “T” has been capitalized.
You can also spot quite a few modifications on the typeface. The original square-like shape above the “i” has been replaced by a circle. The original elliptic “o” has turned into a circle, too. The bars forming the glyphs have different ends. The lower diagonal bars on the “k’s” have been moved slightly higher and to the right.


Logo TikTok symbol emblem

In addition to black and white, the palette features a light aqua shade and red. They don’t pop out too much, though, and are only visible at larger sizes.


TikTok logo

TikTok Logo

The authors of the Tik Tok logo have opted for a simple yet perfectly legible sans serif type.