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One of the most known professional American football teams, Buffalo Bills have gone through four logotypes over more than half a century of their history.

Meaning and history

Buffalo Bills logo history

Looking at the team’s earliest logo, which was adopted in 1961, one can hardly find any similarities with the current emblem. The first Buffalo Bills logo depicted a herd of buffaloes and 2 players in front of them. Above the picture, the name of the team was given in a solid sans serif typeface. All these were placed inside a dark blue shape resembling a football.

Who owns the Buffalo Bills?
One of the most famous football clubs of the United States of America, Buffalo Bills, is owned by Terry and Kim Pegula. Terry Pegula is a very reputable American Billionaire, who owned several sports clubs.

This version was only used for a year, and as soon as in 1962 it was heavily modified. Having preserved the original football shape and the core visual metaphor, the designers changed all the rest. Now, there were only one buffalo and only one player. The buffalo and the background were given in shades of brown, while the football player was wearing the blue uniform and white helmet. There was the number 31 on his sleeve, while his helmet featured a red buffalo.

1960 — 1961

Buffalo Bills Logo 1960

The Buffalo Bills logo from 1960 only stayed with the club for a few months. It was a pretty naive yet bright badge, drawn in a shape of a rugby ball placed horizontally. The ball featured a bright blue background and an image of two buffaloes and two players on its bottom part. The animals were executed in a brown and orange color palette, while the footballers were wearing white and blue uniforms and one of them was holding an orange rugby ball. The bold white “Buffalo Bills” wordmark in the uppercase was arched about the image, on blue.

1962 — 1969

Buffalo Bills Logo 1962
The redesign of 1962 kept the shape of the badge unchanged, and almost didn’t touch the color palette, though the composition was replaced with a new one. The whole rugby was executed in a brown and white color palette with the enlarged Buffalo as the main motive. On the right part of the ball, there was an image of a player in a bright blue jersey, with a brown rugby ball. This version had no lettering on or around it.

1970 — 1973

Buffalo Bills Logo 1970In 1970, a completely new logo was adopted. It was simpler and clearer than its predecessor. The only hero of the story was a red bison with a white eye. Probably the most minimalistic of all the team’s symbols, this one was used for three years.

1974 — Today

Buffalo Bills logoThe Buffalo Bills logo adopted in 1974 has a more energetic and dynamic look. The key theme – the buffalo – is preserved in this version of the logotype, yet now it is a charging buffalo with the solid red line coming from its head.


Buffalo Bills Font

The Bills wordmark features a solid serif typeface. The uppercase font is a custom one.

ColorColor Buffalo Bills logo

The three colors featured in the Buffalo Bills logo are actually the team’s official colors that can also be seen in their uniform: royal blue, red, and white. In addition to this, the club’s official palette also includes navy blue, although it is not present in the logotype.

Buffalo Bills Colors

HEX COLOR: #00338D
RGB: (0, 51, 141)
CMYK: (100, 60, 0, 20)

RGB: (198, 12, 48)
CMYK: (10, 100, 100, 0)

What is the red stripe on the Buffalo Bills logo?
The stable and confident blue bison from the primary badge of the Buffalo Bills club is decorated by a thick red stripe, which represents motion, speed, and power, creating a strong color accent, and turning the simple badge into something stylish and dynamic. 

Why is the Bills logo a Buffalo?
The animal on the Buffalo Bills logo is a bison, a symbol of strength and determination. It is depicted on the badge of the club to depict its name and to reflect its character and fighting spirit.

Does the Bills logo have an eye?
The bison on all four versions of the Buffalo Bills badge featured eyes, but each of them — was different. The realistic badges, used by the club until 1970, had the eyes drawn with all the details, while the Red Bull from the logo, created in 1970, had it stylized as a white dot, and the current badge has the eye merging with the horn, with the red stripe coming out of it to the left.

Did the Buffalo Bills change their logo?
The Buffalo Bills badge has undergone three major redesigns throughout the years, with the first badge introduced in 1960, refined in 1962, and completely changed in 1970. As for the current version, it was created in 1974 and has stayed untouched for decades.