Most Famous Logos in Black&White

Most Famous Logos in Black&White

Black is the color of luxury, power, sophistication, minimalism, rigor, elegance, protection, stability, and sophistication. Often used to emphasize formal, business style. White in nature is the color of clouds, snowy plains, and sea foam. White is the color of purity, freshness, simplicity, purity, health, and minimalism.

The black-and-white color palette is a classic combo. Black-and-white logos are simple, elegant, and professional. They are ideal for designs with a sweeping, timeless design, from a simple approach to a sense of understated confidence. It has long been adopted by elite brands. Black and white logos are no less memorable and versatile than color ones. They often look even more laconic and stylish than bright symbols.

10×10 An Italian Theory

10x10 An Italian Theory Logo

10X10 An Italian Theory is a true way of life centered around cuisine, fashion, and literature. The logo design has been made relatively minimalistic, allowing people to focus on what truly matters. At the same time, the simple design allow to get very creative.


ABC logo

ABC is recognized as one of the three most successful TV networks in the United States. The simple design and black-and-white color palette allowed the network to appeal to a wider audience. The logo also does not limit the content it can show.

Badger Brewery

Badger Brewery Logo

The Badger brand belongs to the English family company, which has been brewing since the 18th century. The logo design has a perfect balance between tradition, unique character, and modern brand image. The color palette was also influenced by the natural color of the badger.



BAPE (A Bathing Ape) is a Japanese street fashion brand. The brand immediately attracted attention with its unique design. The logo is just as creative as the name of the brand. It features a quite impressive drawing of an ape. The black adds mystery, style, coolness, and sophistication, while white allows the addition of details.


BBC Logo

Black and white logos were once the most popular logo style back when print was still the primary medium of advertising. Newspapers and televisions were black and white, so a black-and-white logo design was an obvious choice.


Cummins Logo

Cummins produces high-quality diesel engines and is one of the leaders among manufacturers. The use of black as the base for the company’s initial gave it a strong and powerful appearance. The logo looks formal and confident.


Gateway Logo

Gateway is one of the most influential and unique brands in the computer market. Nowadays, most logos are presented in color, so this design solution will allow the company to look unique. Black and white logos always look expensive and elegant.

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels Logo

Jack Daniels is the most popular brand of spirits in America and other countries around the world with a special, unique taste. Its logo looks grand and remarkable. Even if the composition is full of small decorative elements, due to the restrained color scheme the emblem does not look pretentious.


CBS Logo

CBS Corporation is engaged in the television, radio, and internet businesses. The logo looks almost futuristic and is not limited in time thanks to a very minimalistic design and color palette. Black and white logos have always been popular due to their versatility, ease of reproduction, and beauty.


logo Holden

Holden is a stylish Australian car brand committed to sustainability. Its black-and-white logo, designed with elegance and grace in mind, lets customers know that the company is the best of the best. The confidence and superiority of this simple logo suit a car brand well.


Macallan logo

The Macallan brand is the true embodiment of luxury and sophistication in the world of whiskey. Large brands, such as Macallan, whose services are aimed at people of high financial status, more often than others use restrained tones in their logos. This gives the company a solid appearance and a good reputation.


Motorola Logo

Motorola created many products, but many remember it as a manufacturer of mobile phones. The brand immediately attracted attention with its unique design. The color palette of the logo indicates excellence, innovation, elegance, and a dynamic attitude of the company.

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures logo

Black and white logos have always been popular due to their versatility, ease of reproduction, and magnificence. It made the mountain image look very impressive, emphasizing that the Paramount Pictures is an American leading film studios and film publishers.


Peugeot logo

Peugeot is a powerful and dynamic automobile brand, which is reflected in the logo of the company. The logo with a grand black-and-white lion image is timeless, universal, and multi-cultural. These qualities are very important for brands that want to build up recognition and respect.

Sugar Cosmetics

SUGAR Cosmetics logo

Inspired by a strong and independent woman, Sugar Cosmetics is India’s leading cosmetics brand known for its high-quality and affordable products. Nothing says sophistication like black-and-white brand logos. They always look timeless, expensive, and elegant.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney logo

The black and white Disney logo features simple, clean lines that overall create a sleek and modern logo design. The best thing about this logo is that it has a timeless look that is recognizable in every corner of the world.

White Sox

white sox logo

White Sox is a professional American baseball team. Without caring about colors, this designer focused more on font style and overall impression. The logo turned out stunning and the black and white gave it a powerful and strong feel.


WWF logo

WWF seeks to create a future where humans coexist peacefully with nature by halting the deterioration of the planet’s natural systems. The black and white color palette was inspired by the panda image, which is supposed to represent animals and nature endangered of extinction.


Xbox logo

Xbox is an American brand that produces modern computer game consoles and accessories for them. A contrasting black and white color palette the company introduced relatively recently made the log look more serious and gave it a timeless and stylish appearance.