Motorola Logo

Motorola Logo
Motorola was a famous American telecommunications company. It was founded in 1928 and collapsed in 2011 after losing a huge sum ($4.3 billion) in 2007 through 2009.

Meaning and History logo

Motorola Logo history

The brand name is the creation of Paul V. Galvin, the founder of the company. He chose to combine ‘motor’ (referring to ‘motorcar’) and ‘ola’ (referring to ‘Victrola’).

Old logo

Old Motorola logo
The first Motorola logo was a handwritten ‘Motorola Inc.’ wordmark. The logo was in use until 1955.

New logo

New Motorola logo
The current Motorola logo was introduced in 1955. It is a stylized ‘M’ on a blue or black circle.


Symbol Motorola
The head of the company said that actually the ‘M’ is a combination of symmetrical peaks symbolizing the firm’s never-flagging thirst for perfection and leadership.


Emblem Motorola
The Motorola logo appears on all products ever released by the company up until its bankruptcy.


Font Motorola logo
The logo uses a font, which belongs to the Univers family.


Color Motorola logo
The blue color of the background circle symbolizes excellence and inspiration. The white ‘M’ stands for purity and aspiration to reach new heights. The combination of blue and white unifies these strivings and creates a hope-inspiring mix.