WWF logo

WWF logo

The World Wildlife Fund originated in 1961. It was founded by a group of enthusiasts, who signed the Morges Manifesto. A giant panda named Chi-Chi, which had joined the London Zoo in 1961, was chosen as a symbol for the WWF logo.

History and meaning WWF logo

History WWF logo

Right after the WWF’s inception, it was decided that there was no better way to represent the fund’s goal of preserving wildlife than through the image of a cute and appealing animal, which was endangered as well. The Panda is one and only symbol WWF has ever used as a logo. Over the decades of its existence, the WWF logo has undergone several modifications. The 1961 logo sported the Panda enclosed in a circle. Later that year the logo was changed: the circle was gone, and the image grew crisper. The next modification took place in 1978: the size of the image increased a little. In 1986 a new version was accepted: the Panda ‘stood up straight’ and ‘looked you in the eye’.

Emblem WWF

Emblem WWF

The new logo featured the WWF acronym below the Panda. The 2000 WWF logo was the same except a little bolder font.

Font WWF

Font WWF

The logo uses a sans serif font, which is close to Zar Brush Gothic Regular.

Color WWF

Color WWF

As peter Scott – one of the founders – confessed, they chose the black-and-white animal to reduce printing costs.

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