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Walt Disney Pictures Company is one of the world’s top entertainment and information providers. It was founded by Walter Elias Disney, an animator, film producer, entrepreneur, and voice actor.

Meaning and history

Walt Disney Logo history

The very first Walt Disney logo sported a lined image of Mickey Mouse – the most renowned Walt Disney character, on a black background. Also, the logo featured a stylish wordmark “Walt Disney” and “home entertainment” phrase below. In 1995, Walt Disney came up with what is still the key element of the current logo – the Cinderella Castle. The animated logo emerged from a ball of white light with a shooting star drawing an arc behind it. The logo appeared on deep blue background, and the castle had a lighter shade of blue and had a simple appearance. Later, as the Walt Disney logo began to appear in movie intros, the “Walt Disney Pictures” tag was added, and the castle began to take on different animated appearances. For example, the Snow Dogs version (2002) featured an arcing line with icicles and snow falling from it; Lino and Stich sported a blinking and beeping UFO-like object drawing the arcing line; then the logo gets caught into a green spotlight and takes off like a space shuttle.


Walt Disney logo 1937

The original Walt Disney Pictures logo featured the name of the founder in a creative script. Interestingly, it remained quite legible in spite of its artistic design. The only problematic glyph was probably the “t” in the word “Walt” – it could be interpreted as the “y.”


Walt Disney logo 1948

The following version, by contrast, was hardly legible. Nevertheless, it looked refined and stylish.


Walt Disney logo 1972

Here, the designers returned to the style of the original logo. It was slightly updated, though, to make the wordmark better legible. The word “Productions” in a simple sans serif type was added.


Walt Disney logo 1983

While the lettering “Walt Disney” remained unchanged, the word “Productions” was replaced by “Pictures.” This time, the design team opted for a serif type and made the letters larger.


Walt Disney logo 1985

Cinderella’s castle made its debut on the 1985 emblem. It was placed above the lettering “Walt Disney,” which remained unchanged. The word “Pictures” preserved its serif font and grew slightly larger in comparison with the previous design.


Walt Disney logo 2006

Eventually, Cinderella’s castle has become more refined and detailed. With its towers and glowing rooms, it looks very appealing in the full-color versions. The text “Walt Disney Pictures” has grown smaller in comparison with the castle.


Walt Disney logo

New logo

New Walt Disney logo

The current Walt Disney logo has retained its original elements. However, they have changed a lot since the logo’s inception. All today’s logo versions are based on the one that was introduced in 2006 and first appeared in the intro to the Pirates of the Caribbean. That was a complete animated episode, which depicted a beautiful fairy-tale panorama shot from the vantage point of the camera flying backward over the castle, eventually landing and catching the entire building. The intro also features fireworks. Today, the castle features tons of details, which include architectural elements (windows, doorways, balconies), and looks more 3D. All further Walt Disney logo versions were the offspring of this 2006 animated one.

The Disney logo was created as a reflection of a magical castle. And although the original “fairytale castle” has a real prototype, later the company got rid of the analogy with the actual ancient castle. The logo underwent a number of changes and became a prototype for the Disney Castle in Paris. Later, the changes affected both the stylized castle and the logo itself while the image acquired references to Peter Pen and other fairy-tale characters, “born” by the studio.


Walt Disney Emblem

Walt Disney has chosen a unique way to make the logo effective by keeping up with the changing world and evolving animation technology. The team has demonstrated a striking ability to meet the standards of the day without ruining the concept.


Symbol Walt Disney

The Walt Disney logo has a rich and colorful history. It symbolizes the magic of the fairy-tale realm, as the company has produced tons of exciting fairy-tale and fantasy movies, cartoons, and animated movies.


Font Walt Disney logo

The Walt Disney logo font is based on the company founder’s handwriting.


Color Walt Disney logo

The logo uses a whole palette of bright colors, which create a sensation of magic and power.