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The Scottish single malt whiskey brand, Macallan, was founded in 1824 by Alexander Reid, both a barley farmer and schoolteachers. Mac SL is known to be the James Bond’s favorite whiskey and is one of the most luxurious brands in the beverage market segment.

Meaning and history

Macallan logo

The Macallan logo is a black and gold wordmark on a white background with an emblem of Easter Elchies House, part of The Macallan estate, executed in elegant gold.

The name Macallan is likely a combination of two Gaelic words: “Magh”, which means fertile ground, and “Ellan”, a reference to Irish monk, who brought Christianity to Scotland.

The Macallan brand philosophy is what they call The Six Pillars, it’s shown on every label and includes:

Spiritual Home; Easter Elchies House, built in 1700, lies at the heart of The Macallan estate

Curiously Small Stills; contribute to the distinctively rich, fruity spirit of The Macallan.

Finest Cut – the scissor emblem.

Exceptional Oak Casks – the barrel; The Macallan spends more on sourcing, building, seasoning and caring for its casks than any other single malt whisky.

The peacock emblem means Natural Color; the rich range of colours in The Macallan whiskies is drawn only from the wood of our exceptional oak casks.

The Macallan itself – the drop; the peerless spirit – one of the world’s greatest whiskies.