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Taking into consideration that Cummins was established as far back as 1919, it is only natural that its logotype has not stayed the same throughout the company’s almost 100-year history.

Meaning and history

Cummins Logo history

The previous version depicted a solid letter “C”, which actually resembled a horseshoe. The “C” was positioned inside a square shape. Over the white space of the letter, the name of the company was written in smaller letters.


Cummins Logo 1919

The original design was pretty cluttered, although, for its era, it looked natural. The emblem featured the words “Cummins Oil Engine.” Between the words, you could see a sign looking like the Venus (or female) symbol (a cross with a circle). The lettering was yellow. It was placed inside a complicated dark red shape inspired by the way a car looks from the front.


Cummins Logo 1944

The so-called red ball logo featured the lettering “Cummins Diesel” (in white) and “Dependable” (red) on a black-and-white board. At the forefront, there was a banner housing a stylized human figure and the lettering “since 1919.” The large red circle was positioned behind.


Cummins Logo 1952

This one was by far simpler. There was a black rectangle housing the word “Cummins” in white. It featured a minimalist all-caps sans looking very much like the one from the previous wordmark.

In the background, you could see a yellow rectangle standing on its narrow end.


Cummins Logo 1976

The iconic “C” emblem was developed by Paul Rand, one of the most influential logo designers ever. The list of his works includes the logos for IBM, ABC, Westinghouse, and UPS, to name just a few. The large “C” was blue and housed the word “Cummins” positioned diagonally.


Cummins logo

The blue was replaced by black. The familiar design of the Cummins logo developed by Paul Rand stayed the same.


The typeface featured on the Cummins wordmark appears to be Helvetica Neue 95 Black. It is a customized version, where the letter “C” has a unique shape.


The three basic colors of the Cummins logo are red, black, and white.