Cummins Logo

Cummins Logo

Taking into consideration that Cummins was established as far back as 1919, it is only natural that its logotype has not stayed the same throughout the company’s almost 100-year history.

Meaning and history Cummins Logo

Logo Cummins

The previous version depicted a solid letter “C”, which actually resembled a horseshoe. The “C” was positioned inside a square shape. Over the white space of the letter, the name of the company was written in smaller letters.

Current emblem Cummins

Cummins emblem

The current version was adopted in 2006, along with the new branding strategy. It was then that the company decided to use black and red to guarantee its logo a bolder look.

Fleetguard symbol Cummins

Cummins symbol

The symbol developed for the core products of the Cummins Filtration company uses the same red square as the original logo. However, that is probably the only thing the two emblems have in common. In the Fleetquard logo, the square does not contain any lettering, while the name of the product in a bolded typeface is placed above it.

Font of the Cummins Logo

Font Cummins Logo

The typeface featured on the Cummins wordmark appears to be Helvetica Neue 95 Black. It is a customized version, where the letter “C” has a unique shape.

Color of the Cummins Logo

Color Cummins Logo

The three basic colors of the Cummins logo are red, black, and white.

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