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abc logo
The ABC (the American Broadcasting Company) is one of the USA’s biggest television groups. Founded in 1943, now it has grown to cover all continents and is available in many countries.

Logo history

ABC logo history

Over its history, the ABC has changed many logos. The first one introduced in 1943 featured an image of a microphone with a vertical ABC acronym inside it and the letters T and V at both sides. In 1961, Paul Rand, a renowned graphic designer, came up with the minimalistic circle-shaped logo, which the company is famous for today.

Shape and colors

colors abc logo
It consists of a black circle with the lowercase ‘abc’ acronym enclosed in it. Later, the logo occurred on various objects and came in different color permutations. In 2007 a glossy 3D version appeared, and it conveyed a degree of elegance and modernity. The current logo design has come a 50-year-long way and pretty much retained its original message, which is expressed in its glaring simplicity. It was to reflect the ABC’s clear and concise approach to communication and advertising. There are several versions, which differ in colors and are used on TV, on air, online, in leaflets, brochures, etc.

ABC Studios logo

abc studios logoIn addition to the regular ABC emblem comprising the letters “abc” in a black circle, the ABC Studios logo also includes the lettering “studios” in black. The type looks rather similar to that featured in the regular wordmark, at least the “d” looks like a reversed “b” from the “abc” text.

ABC Family logo

abc family logoBefore being renamed Freeform, the ABC Family TV channel had several logotypes. The final one, which was used from 2003 to 2016, featured the word “family” in black next to the regular ABC logo. The letters of the ABC Family logo were larger and featured a different typeface.

ABC News logo

abc news logoThe logotype of the news division of the American Broadcasting Company is based on the network’s primary roundel emblem. Next to it, the word “NEWS” can be seen. It is given in black in a traditional serif typeface. All the letters are capitalized and are larger than the “ABC” text.

Author of the symbol

abc symbolPaul Rand (1914-1996) was a renowned US graphic designer and art director. Starting from 1972, he has been part of the New York Art Directors Club Hall of Fame. Rand’s popularity was mostly due to his corporate logo designs. In addition to the ABC symbol, the list of his works includes the logos for IBM, UPS, Enron, and NeXT.