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CBS broadcasting Inc. (Columbia Broadcasting System) is a major American TV network. It has been around since 1927 and started as a radio network.

What is the symbol of the CBS corporation?
The symbol of CBS Corporation, known as the Eyemark, is a stylized geometric image of a human eye, executed in three solid elements in black and white. The iconic symbol was created in 1951 by William Golden, who got inspired by the painting of the famous artist Rene Magritte, The False Mirror. After the introduction of the logo, CBS got the nickname The Eye Network.

CBS Slogan
  • Only CBS.

  • We Are CBS.

  • Reach for the Stars.

  • We've got the touch.

  • The Stars' Address is CBS.

  • America's Most Watched Network.

Meaning and history

CBS Logo history

The CBS visual identity has been strong and stylish since the very beginning of the company’s history. Its iconic monochrome logo the whole world knows today was introduced in 1951, is only the third version, created for the brand, and perfectly reflecting its purpose and character.

1941 – 1951

CBS Logo 1941

The very first logo for CBS was designed at the beginning of the 1949s and featured just a black wordmark on a white background, but it’s the typeface, spacing and style looked distinct and very modern. The smooth lines of the letters ended with the straight strong cuts, which added an edgy and progressive look to a simple composition. The typeface of the original logo for CBS was pretty close to the extended version of the Handel Gothic Light font.

1947 – 1951

CBS Logo 1947

The emblem, which was created for the TV-network in 1947, featured three-dimensional lettering in gray, placed in an oval light-spot on a black background. The inscription was outlined in black and had a wide dark shadow, which added volume and lightness to the logo, making the wordmark look strong and confident. The typeface of the lettering was changed to a more massive and traditional sans-serif, with the symbols placed very close to each other.

1951 – Today

CBS Logo

In 1951 the iconic circular CBS eye-logo was designed by William Golden. It is a bold black circle with a white eye-shape figure and a smaller black circle in the middle. The emblem was inspired by the Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign.

Usually, the badge is used on its own, but sometimes it is accompanied by lettering, placed in its right. The capitalized inscription in black is executed in a clean and strong sans-serif typeface, which is very close to such fonts as Madani Arabic Semi Bold and TT Norms Pro Bold.

Inspiration behind the News logo

cbs news logo

William “Bill” Golden, who created the original CBS News logo, was the company’s creative director. The “eye” idea struck him while he was driving through Pennsylvania Dutch country. There, he saw Shaker barns with hex emblems on them. These emblems looking very much like the human eye were supposed to scare off evil spirits.

Sports Logo

cbs sports logo

The CBS sports division has its own logo – the division’s name plus the human eye. The name is written in dark blue caps inside a light-blue quadrangle, which, in turn, is placed inside a dark-blue quadrangle. The light-blue eye symbol is located on the left. This logo was introduced in 2016.

Radio Logo

cbs radio logo

This one features the iconic dark blue eye symbol and the division name written in the company’s signature typerface.


cbs symbol

The symbol explains the stage of media technology progress, which has enabled the momentous transition from hearing news and programs to viewing them.


shape cbs logo

The CBS logo is the abbreviated name of the company followed by the famous CBS eye symbol.


colors cbs logo

The black color of the CBS logo’s symbols stands for elegance, integrity, perseverance, and excellence.


font cbs logo

The font demonstrates smooth and elegant transitions from thick to thin and creates a feel that combines classics with modernity.