Car brands and logos that start with H

Car brands that start with H
There are plenty of car brands that start with the letter ‘H’. The big companies include Hyundai, Honda and Harley, but there are many smaller names in the business. Most of these are either German or Japanese.

What supercar starts with H?
Lamborghini’s Huracan series is likely the most popular supercar brand that starts with H. They are new cars; the first in the line manufactured in 2015. As of 2021, there are 6 Huracan vehicles.

What expensive cars start with H?
Hongqi is a Chinese manufacturer of, among other things, luxury cars. That includes a lot of executive vehicles, expensive passenger cars and limousines. The brand is controlled by FAW.

What car brands that start with H?
Honda and Hyundai are amongst the world’s most successful carmakers. Both are making crossovers and sedans for family and personal use. They are old Asian brands from Japan and Korea respectively.


Honda is a major engineering company from Japan. It was opened in 1946 as a producer of various appliances, although cars and vehicles are their primary products. Nowadays, it mostly includes various crossovers and family cars (some prominent electric models among them). A tall, thin ‘H’ is their usual emblem.


Hyundai Logo

Hyundai was established in 1967 as an automotive subsidiary of Hyundai Group, a Korean conglomerate. The modern Hyundai cars are mostly SUVs, hybrid and electric vehicles. The current long-time Hyundai logo is a letter ‘H’ tilted and set inside an oval frame.

Harley Davidson

logo Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is an American producer of motorcycles, established in 1903. It’s an iconic brand known for their cruiser-type motorcycles with high handles. They kept making these even into the 21st century. As an emblem, they use a picture of a shield with a rectangular plaque in the middle. The company’s name was put into these.

Habib Motors

logo Habib Motors
Habib Motors is a small Pakistani carmaker. They seem to mostly make compact passenger cars. Their logo depicts the letter ‘H’ & ‘M’ arranged into a single red-and-black composition. It’s followed by a rather mundane text bit saying ‘D.G. Khan’ below.


logo Hafei

Hafei was a Chinese carmaker between 1950 and 2015. The cars they made were mainly small models, including vans, trucks and crossovers of compact sizes.


logo Haima

The HAIMA Company was established in China in 1992. Their products include compact sedans, small city cars and several vans.


logo HAL

HAL was an early car made in America during the WW1. Three models of this heavy, big automobile were made between 1915 and 1918.


logo Hammer

Hummer was an American car designed in 1905. It was one of the early light motor cars to be produced in this country.


logo Hanomag

Hanomag was a company from Hanover, Germany. Established in 1871, they made a lot of things over the years, including various tractors, some passenger cars and small trucks.


logo Hansa

Hansa was a German car-making company between 1905 and 1931. They primarily made various luxury and generally passenger cars, but there were also some utility vehicles.


logo Hartge

Hartge was a big tuning business from Germany. It was founded in 1971 and worked until 2019. The modifications of British and German cars were their chief products.


logo Hawtai

Hawtai is a Chinese carmaker established in 2000. The company’s product list includes various ‘sport’ crossovers, as well several small passenger cars.


logo Healey

Donald Healey was a British car producer in the 40-50s. They’ve made several models of roadsters (passenger high-performance vehicles) during that time.


logo Heinkel

Heinkel is better known as a producer of aircraft during the WW2. After the war, this German company made scooters, mopeds and minicars (a so-called ‘bubble car’, chiefly).

Heinkel Kabine

logo Heinkel Kabine

Kabine was a German minicar built by Heinkel in the late 50s. The name literally indicates that it was nothing more than a cabin with everything essential thrust inside.


Hennessey Logo

Hennessey is an American car company that builds modifications of various worldwide manufacturers, including American, Italian and British brands. They operate since 1991.


Heron was a British car company in the 60s. Mainly, they made bodies for other cars, although they’ve also tried building some of their own models.


logo Hertz

Hertz is an American chain of rental shops for cars. Established in 1918, they now possess thousands of locations across America.


logo Heuliez

Heuliez was a French company that operated between 1920 and 2013. In that time, they helped produce cars for Citroen (and some other brands), mostly as a design assistant.


logo Highland

Highland was an early Australian carmaker, present in 1894-1897. In these three years, they’ve built several trycicle models, as well as light motor cars.


logo Hillman

Hillman was a brand of British car, founded in 1907 and finally ended on 1976. The product line consisted of high-performance vehicles, generally passenger cars and also compact models.

Hindustan Motors

logo Hindustan Motors

Hindustan Motors is among the biggest car producers in India. Besides their own compact vehicles (Ambassador, for instance), they also produce models of other brands under license (of Isuzu and Mitsubishi, primarily).


logo Hino

Hino is a truck-building subsidiary of Toyota, founded in 1942. Besides heavy trucks, the company also makes smaller utility vehicles and buses.

Hispano Argentina

logo Hispano Argentina

Hispano Argentina was an Argentinean carmaker between 1925 and 1953. They designed several models of passenger vehicles, racing cars and trucks.

Hofstetter Turbo

logo Hofstetter Turbo

Hofstetter Turbo is a sports car designed by the Brazilian Hofstetter Company. Only a handful of these were built in the 80-90s.


logo Holden

Holden was an Australian carmaker and a brand, founded in 1856. Although they made plenty of cars of foreign design, they’ve built a lot of their own models: mainly middle and big passenger vehicles.

Holland Car PLC

logo Holland Car

Holland Car was an Ethiopian car manufacturer until 2013. The product list included several modifications of Fiat cars assembled for use by Ethiopians.


logo HongQi

Hongqi is an extensive line of Chinese luxury vehicles, owned by FAW. The brand was introduced in 1958, and it now includes luxury crossovers, cars and electric cars.

Hope Motor Company

Hope was a Japanese carmaker until 1974. The one successful mode they built was a three-wheel car called HopeStar.


logo Horch

Horch was a German carmaker, established in 1904. Eventually, they became part of Audi, to which they contributed their long experience of building luxury cars.


logo Hotchkiss

Hotchkiss was a brand of French cars built until the 1950s by the company of the same name. These were primary luxury and sports vehicles.


logo HRG

HRG was a British carmaker, established in 1936. They’ve only managed to create a handful of unique models, most of which were sports cars of high-performance models.


logo HSV

Hennessey Special Vehicles is a subsidiary of the Hennessey Company, founded in 2017. They focus on making sports cars for the brand – chiefly, the Venom models.

HTT Plethore

logo HTT Plethore

HTT Plethore is a Canadian concept car presented by HTT Automobile in 2007. It’s a supercar that started production in 2010, although it’s not really market-accessible.


logo Huali

Huali is a Chinese brand of minicars, founded by FAW in the 80s. Their cars include several passenger models, minibus models and more.


logo Huayang

Huayang is a Chinese brand, introduced in the 1987. The Huayang products are mostly vans and minivans, among some other stuff.


logo Hudson

Hudson was an American carmaker active between 1909 and 1954. During this time, they’ve designed plenty of versatile car models, including racing, luxury and passenger cars.


logo Humber

Humber was a British carmaker, founded in the late 19th century and closed in 1967. Besides early bicycles and their famous military vehicles (made in the WW2), there were also plenty of family cars built by them.

Hurtan Desarrollos S.L.

Hurtan Logo

Hurtan is a Spanish carmaker, founded in 1991. They build various retro-styled sports cars, which, to date, includes at least 8 cars.


Hurtu Logo

Hurtu was one of the earliest French producers, founded in 1896. They continued working until 1930.


In concluding our exploration of car brands beginning with the letter “H,” we’ve traversed a diverse landscape within the automobile industry, encountering manufacturers that have left an indelible mark on history and innovation. From the storied Hispano-Suiza, synonymous with sophistication and luxury, to the reliable workhorses produced by the Hudson Motor Car Company, this list of car brands showcases the breadth of creativity and engineering excellence that has propelled the sector forward.

As we delved into the histories and contributions of these car manufacturers, we encountered a rich tapestry of brand names known for their precision, reliability, and horsepower. The Horch brand, with its heritage of luxury and performance, stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of meticulously crafted automobiles. Similarly, the FAW Car Company represents the dynamism of the Chinese market, engaging in joint ventures that bring together innovation and global ambitions.

The evolution of commercial vehicles and mini-vehicles has been equally compelling, with companies like Iveco leading the charge in Europe and beyond. These car companies have not only contributed to the economy but have also advanced the tech and innovation that underpin modern transportation.

Automobile enthusiasts and professionals alike can appreciate the contributions of brands from across the globe, from the elegance of Bentley and Maserati in Europe to the rugged reliability of the Hilux in Australia and the technological prowess of South Korea’s automotive sector. The article highlighted how each brand, whether focusing on coupes, commercial vehicles, or luxury car brands, contributes uniquely to the tapestry of the automobile industry.

This exploration into the “H” of car brands has been a journey through time, geography, and technology. From the power-packed muscle car segment led by icons like Ford and Chevrolet to the refined sophistication of Jaguar and Land Rover, each name brings its own story of innovation, performance, and precision to the fore. The legacy of these brands extends beyond their origins, influencing everything from the bustling streets of cities to the quiet roads of the countryside, embodying the spirit of progress and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

As we reflect on the significant contributions of these car manufacturers, it’s clear that their impact goes beyond mere transportation. They have shaped cultural identities, spurred economic growth, and fostered a global community bound by a shared passion for the art and science of automobiles. The narrative of car brands starting with “H” is a chapter in a larger story of human ingenuity and the quest for advancement, a story that continues to evolve with each new model, innovation, and joint venture in the ever-changing landscape of the automobile industry.

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