Hummer Logo

Hummer Logo

Hummer is a famous brand of off-road cars manufacturer, which was founded in 1992 with a focus on military vehicles. The brand is a part of GMC and is one of the most well-known producers of 4WD-cars in the world.

Meaning and history

Being one of the most popular SUV-cars manufacturers in the world, Hummer boasts a very strong and masculine visual identity design.

Hummer Logo

The Hummer logo is composed of a simple and strict wordmark, with no extra details. The extra-bold typeface of the capital lettering is similar to the Franklin Gothic Heavy font.

The nameplate featured very thick straight lines and traditional sharp angles. Due to the boldness of the typeface, the lettering looks like it was cut on both upper and bottom parts in order to fit the invisible frame.

Hummer Logo1

The monochrome palette of the logo adds power and authority to the brand. When placed on the card, the palette changes to metallic-gray and the emblem become a little three-dimensional, with its sides a little shadowed.

The Hummer logo is one of the most minimalist yet outstanding. It is a perfect reflection of the strength and brutality of the brand, which was started as a military one.

The simplicity of the lines is balanced by the brand’s iconic car colors, which are usually yellow, red and black.