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Hurtan is a Spanish automaker known for crafting vintage-inspired automobiles. Founded by Juan Hurtado, the company meticulously designs cars that echo the classic elegance of the past. Based in Granada, Spain, they’ve garnered attention for their exceptional craftsmanship. Their vehicles are a blend of traditional aesthetics with modern functionality.

Meaning and history

Hurtan Logo history

Hurtan, established by Juan Hurtado in the 1990s, is a Spanish automotive company that specializes in creating vehicles reminiscent of classic European cars. Over the years, their vintage designs have gained notable recognition, seamlessly merging yesterday’s elegance with today’s technology. Based in Granada, some of their crowning achievements include the Grand Albaycín, evoking the charm of 1950s motoring. Currently, Hurtan stands as a beacon of artisanal craftsmanship, merging tradition with modernity in the automobile world.

What is Hurtan?
Hurtan is a Spanish automotive company, founded by Juan Hurtado, renowned for crafting vintage-inspired cars with a touch of modern functionality. Based in Granada, they merge past elegance with today’s technology.

1992 – 2017

Hurtan Logo 1992

The brown and black gradient used in this logo creates a rich and truly unique look as it is not frequently used in logos, especially in the automotive industry. Otherwise, the logo would look very typical as it featured “Hurtan” printed using all uppercase letters with bracketed serifs. For more interest, the designers connected the characters by having serifs touch either the top or the bottom. A dynamic, smooth touch was added by drawing lines that extended from the “H” and created an illusion of an oval shape or a wide “S” going through the “H” and beyond it. It reminded of round or oval symbols that many automakers used in their logos.

2017 – now

Hurtan Logo

The font used in this logo has a geometric feel and no serifs. It closely resembles TT Lakes Medium font with its straight lines and cuts and the letter “A” that has a squarish top. To add a unique touch to the inscription and, in turn, the wordmark, the designers added relatively long horizontal lines. One of them was connected to the  “H” at the top, while the other extended from the “N” at the bottom. It also drew a connection to the earlier version. The new black color created a sophisticated, timeless feel, while the wide spacing between all uppercase letters gave an impression of a powerful and solid company. The logo looked modern and well-designed.