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Hino is a Japanese brand of commercial-trucks and bus manufacturing companies, which was founded in 1910. The company is famous not only for producing vehicles but as well for its diesel-engines.

Meaning and history

Hino Logo history

Hino is a company with a strong and good reputation and its visual identity is based on the principles of quality and stability.

1917 – 1994

Hino Logo-1917

1994 – Today

Hino Logo

The Hino logo is composed of a wordmark and an emblem on its top. It is three-dimensional and uses a silver-gray color in different shades, from light to dark and almost black on the ranges of the emblem.

The Hino wordmark is written in all capital letters and features a custom modern typeface with smooth bold lines and no serifs. The wordmark is executed in a matte silver color, putting the main accent on a glossy emblem.

The Hino emblem is a stylized letter “H” with arched vertical bars. It forms an open oval shape with a horizontal bar in the middle. The emblem reminds of a shuriken, which is a celebration of Asian culture and heritage.

Unlike the wordmark, the Hino emblem is executed in a glossy gradient silver. It looks sleek and powerful at its glance. The sharp insignia is a reflection of a powerful and reliable brand, which is innovative and progressive.