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Haima is an automaker known for producing vehicles with a focus on innovation and sustainability. Founded in 1992, it’s a Chinese state-owned company. Operating mainly in China, Haima has gained recognition for its advanced approach to automobile manufacturing.

Meaning and history

Haima Logo

Founded in 1992, Haima is a prominent Chinese automaker. Over the years, it has achieved significant milestones, becoming known for producing a wide range of vehicles, from compact cars to SUVs. Haima gained recognition for its focus on innovation, incorporating advanced technologies in its vehicles. As of now, Haima holds a strong position in the Chinese automotive market, continuing to expand its offerings and contribute to the country’s growing automobile industry.

What is Haima?
Haima is an automotive company based in China. It specializes in manufacturing a range of vehicles, including cars and SUVs, known for blending modern design with affordable pricing.