Cars brands and logos that start with V

Cars that start with V

There are some pretty famous auto brands that start with the letter ‘V’. Obviously, it’s not the most popular character out of the bunch, but there are giants like Volkswagen and Volvo, for starters.


logo Volkswagen

Volkswagen is one of the biggest German brands in general, as well as the single best-sold brand of cars from Europe. It was created in 1937 in Germany and was initially devised as a constructor of affordable cars for the populace. Their emblem is a circle with the letters ‘V’ and ‘W’ stacked inside it.


logo Volvo

Volvo Cars is a Swedish producer of cars founded in 1927 and currently owned by the Chinese conglomerate Geely. Their primary products are family cars (including their famed electric and hybrid products) and trucks. Their usual emblem is an old symbol for iron, meant to reflect big iron reserves in the country, as well as its industry.


logo Vaillante

Vaillante is a fictional car company from the French comic book series called ‘Michel Vaillant’ (issued in the 50-80s). Their key products were race cars, and there are still many toys sold in their likeness.


logo Vale

Vale Special was the main product from the Vale Motors Company. These were issued between 1932 and 1935 and were sports and touring car variations.

Valmet Automotive

logo Valmet Automotive

Valmet is a producer of cars and auto parts from Finland, active since 1968. Their primary products are now electric versions of popular Mercedes cars, but they also focused on SAAB vehicles formerly.


VAM (aka ‘Mexican Automotive Vehicles’) was a Mexican car manufacturer active in the 40-80s. Most of their products included light passenger cars, SUVs and small trucks.

Van Hool

logo Van Hool

Van Hool is a Belgian producer of buses, coaches and similar transport, which they exported to many countries in Europe. The business was founded in 1947 and is still kept in the family.

Vanden Plus

logo Vanden Plus

Vanden Plus was a producer of bodies for sports, luxury and other cars between 1917 and 1963. It was a big British brand, and their products were used even after the dissolution.


logo Vandenbrick

Vandenbrick is a Dutch company that basically designs and makes car bodies since 2009. These are mostly bodies for sports and supercars.


logo Vauxhall

Vauxhall is a British vehicle manufacturer founded in 1857, making it the oldest-surviving car brand. Their first car was designed in 1903, and throughout the 20th century Vauxhall mostly made compact cars. A griffin is their usual emblem.

VDL Nedcar

logo VDL Nedcar

VDL Nedcar is a Dutch manufacturer of vehicles active since 1967. It’s a big car-building operation that builds models for German brands, but was also big on DAF and Volvo.


logo Vector Motors

Vector Motors is an American car producer founded in 1971. Most of their cars since then were sports models and race cars.

Vegantune Evante

logo Vegantune Evante

Vegantune Evante was a British sports car created in 1982. It was a compact high-performance model meant to rival Lotus vehicles of the time.


logo Velie

Velie was an early American car manufacturer active between 1902 and 1929. Their primary products were sports and touring cars, as well as airplanes.


logo Vemac

Vemac is a British car manufacturer mostly known for their Vemac 320R race car designed and produced between 2001 and 2009. Vemac is a British company owned by the Japanese.


logo Vencer

Vencer is a Dutch vehicle manufacturer active since 2010. They make hand-built luxury sports cars, which currently includes just their Sarthe model.


logo Venturi

Venturi is a French-Monaco brand of electric vehicles created in 1984. Their lineup includes sports cars, motorcycles, vans, small trucks and utility vehicles with electric engines.


logo Vermorel

Vermorel was a family business of French engineers that existed between 1850 and 1965. For the last 66 years, they made sedans and other urban cars.


logo Vernon-Derby

Vernon-Derby (or just Derby) was a British carmaker from 1921 to 1936. They made several urban cars but also tried building motorsport models.


logo Vespa

Vespa is an extremely popular brand of scooters from Italy. These are created in Italy since 1946 by Piaggio, the Italian carmaker.


logo Victoria

Victoria was a German motorcycle manufacture active between 1901 and 1966. These were mostly high-performance and sports models.


logo Victory

As it is seen from the name, Victory Motorcycles is a motorcycle manufacturer from the United States, which was founded established in 1997, and today is owned by the Polaris Group. In 2017 the company started reviving the legendary motorcycle bar and, Indian.


logo Vignale

Vignale is an Italian company known for making bodies for Italian-made cars since 1948. This business has been designing and making bodies for various cars from Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati and other brands.

Vinaxuki or Xuan Kien

logo Vinaxuki

Vinaxuki or aka Xuan Kien Auto was a Vietnamese carmaker between 2004 and 2015. The business mostly built trucks, light trucks and some utility vehicles,


logo Vinci

Vinci is a car built by the Retroconcept Company from Portugal. It’s a sports car made to look like the older models from 50 years ago, but designed in 2008.


logo Vivinus

Vivinus was a Belgian carmaker between 1899 and 1912. They were one of the earliest such businesses, with the first car assembled in 1895. Most of these were small carriage-like motor cars.


logo Voisin

Voisin was a car business from France that made premium cars in 1905-1946. These were sleek, expensive cars best known for their elegant, but heavy design.


logo Volga

Volga is a range of cars produced by the Russian GAZ carmaker since the 1950s. They are mostly sedans or higher-class sedans of superior quality to most Soviet car brands.

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