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Heinkel is the name of one of the most famous European aircraft manufacturers during the Second World War period. The company also produced small cars. Named after its founder, Heinkel was established in 1922 and ceased all operations in 1965.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the legendary brand has always been connected to flights, speed, and freedom. Its logo, composed of an emblem and a wordmark under it, is still very recognizable across the globe today.

The Heinkel emblem is composed of a bold italicized capital letter “H” with a stylized wing coming out of it to the left side. It was a graphical representation of the original company’s profile — aircraft.

Heinkel Logo

The winged “H” was placed on a curved underline, which resembled waves on the sea. The “Heinkel” wordmark was located under this line. Written in all-caps of an italicized sans-serif with clean straight lines and cuts, it had the letter “K”s bars smoothly arched.

The color palette of the iconic logo was composed of a scarlet red color, a symbol of passion, power, and energy. When placed on the brand’s cars and aircrafts the emblem was executed in silver and made three-dimensional. The badge has never been framed, but when placed on the bonnet of the car it was enlarged and looked truly confident and solid.

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