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Harley-Davidson is a legendary brand of one of the most popular motorcycles in the world. The company was established in the USA in 1903 and since then, it is one of the loudest and most significant names in the automotive industry.

Meaning and history

Harley-Davidson Logo history

Brothers Walter and Arthur Davidson create not simply a moto-brand, but a whole separate world. The Harley-Davidson is a lifestyle brand, which also produces clothing and accessories, as well as shoes and even tableware. All the company’s products are branded with the iconic logo, which had a long history before taking the final form, we all know now.

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1910 – 1953

Harley-Davidson Logo-1910

The first Harley-Davidson logo was introduced in 7 years after the company’s foundation. And that is when the iconic “Bar & Shield” design was first created.

The Harley-Davidson logo was composed of a shield-shaped background with a horizontally located on its bar with the wordmark. The Harley-Davidson lettering was written in all caps white traditional front, while the motorcycles nameplate, placed on a shield, used black color.

The logo was slightly changed throughout the years. In 1930 the o lot lettering on the logo was the brand name in a red and yellow palette. It was switched to black and orange in 1933. In the 1949s the emblem was full metal, which looked very brutal and masculine.

1953 – 1965

Harley-Davidson Logo-1953

The first major redesign of the Harley-Davidson logo was held in 1953, the 50th anniversary of the brand. The logo of that period was composed of a circle with an enraged V-shaped symbol, which was a celebration of the company’s engine.

Harley-Davidson Logo1

The bar, containing the wordmark was placed horizontally on the “V”. The lettering was executed in a custom cursive typeface with strong lines and a flat base.

The “50 years” inscription was placed on the upper part of the Harley-Davidson shield, while the “American Made” — on the bottom one.

The company created a strong and stylish metal medallion with this logo, which looked powerful when placed on the motorbikes.

1965 — 2003

The brand comes back to the original logo version, modernizing it and switching the color palette to monochrome. The shape of the Bar & Shield emblem was refined, and I looked powerful and masculine in the black and white combination.

The most iconic logo, that started a new era of the brand’s history, is still in use today.

1983 The H.O.G. Logo

Harley-Davidson Logo-1980

In 1983 The H.O.G. was created. The name is an abbreviation for Harley-Davidson Owners Group, which has wide geography. The logo of H.O.G. Is based on its own symbol, which is pretty different from the main brand’s emblem.

The H.O.G. logo is very ornate and is composed of an emblem with a HOG monogram and a wordmark.

The H.O.G. Emblem features an Eagle, sitting on the wheel, which is a stylized letter “O” from “HOG” inscription. The bottom part of the emblem consists of a yellow ribbon with “Harley Owners Group” written in a sans-serif white lettering with a black shadow.

It is a colorful and very detailed logo, which is a perfect accompaniment for the strict and strong Bar & Shield.

The yellow color is a reflection of energy, movement, and optimism. It shows unity and looks remarkable and memorable on the H.O.G. emblem.

2003 Anniversary logo

Harley-Davidson Logo-2003

To celebrate the Harley-Davidson 100-years anniversary, the brand design a new logo in 2003. The iconic Bar & Shield remains the main element of the logo, but now it is enclosed into a half of a circular frame with two wide wings.

“1903” is written in the left-wing, and “2003” — on the right. The “100” inscription is arched and placed under the shield emblem.

The winged logo is a reflection of freedom and speed, the brand’s power and influence. It is a strong and outstanding work, which represents the Harley-Davidson history and heritage.

2008 Anniversary logo

The brand was very happy with how the previous logo worked and decided to create a new one in 2008, to mark the 105 years of Harley-Davidson.

All the elements from the 2003 logo remained but were modified. The Bar and Shield emblem are still in the center of the composition, but now it is enclosed in a circle and two wings are curved upwards.

The “105 years” lettering is placed above the Harley-Davidson iconic emblem, forming a kind of crown. The dates “1903 — 2008” are placed on the bottom part of the frame and use a star to separate the numbers.


Harley-Davidson Logo

The legendary Bar and Shield Emblem is in use today and features refined and more confident shapes and lines. The brand uses a monochrome color palette with a bright orange for framing and “Motorcycles” lettering, placed above and beyond the white wordmark.

The Harley-Davidson logo is one of the most recognizable in the world. It is based on clear and strong lines and only three colors, but it looks like a powerful and brutal image for the influential and respected company.

2025 Concept

In 2020 the brand performed a concept of the new visual identity, which will probably be launched by 2025. It is based on a traditional Bar and Shield Emblem, which is more minimalistic and clean.

The brand also created a wordmark-based logo, which will be used on the fashion and accessories lines of the company’s retail products. The iconic black-white-orange color palette remains, but the typeface is simplified.

It is an interesting experiment for the company, which will look stylish and modern on the Harley-Davidson clothing and shoe collections.