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Hafei is the name of the Chang’an Group subsidiary, which was established in China in 1950, and specialized in the production of compact commercial vehicles and sedan cars. The brand was owned by the Chinese Aviation Corp until 2009.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the Asian automaking brand is bright, minimalist, and very modern. Composed of an emblem and a wordmark, which is not always used by the company, it looks strong and progressive, reflecting the willingness of Hafei to grow and develop.

Hafei Logo

The compact vehicle manufacturer’s emblem is composed of a sleek shield with a gradient purple background and a silver outline. The body of the shield comprises two horizontal zig-zag lines. Their thickness and sharp angles remind of snow peaks and add a fresh and progressive feeling to the logo, while the dark purple, turning into black, represents elegance and confidence with a touch of mystery.

The “Hafei” wordmark in all capital is sometimes placed under the emblem but has its own style, which is simple and minimalist. The lettering is executed in a traditional and strict sans-serif font with no unique details or accents. Written in black, it reflects professionalism and solidness, showing the brand as the one that values quality above all.