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Hartge was the name of a German car modification, redesign, and tuning company, which worked closely with such industry giants as BMW and Range Rover. Established in 1971, Hartge ceased all operations at the end of the 2010s.

Meaning and history

The Hartge visual identity has always been bright and sharp. Its logo, composed of a geometric element and an overlapping wordmark, has become a symbol of quality and excellence.

The only colorful element of the logo is a vertically placed parallelogram, divided into two equal parts — the left one in a dark blue shade, and the right one in a lighter tone of blue. The geometric figure is outlined in black and has its vertical separation line also black.

Hartge Logo

As for the wordmark, it has had several different variations throughout the brand’s history. One of them was executed in a bold italicized sans-serif in white color with a black outline. Another version, which is more recognizable boasts a more modern sans-serif inscription with slightly elongated letter lines and sharp edges and angles of the characters.

When placed on the cars, the Hartge logo turns into a minimalist three-dimensional insignia, where the blue parallelogram gains a sleek silver outline, and the wordmark is executed in the same silver metal with a glossy surface.

The blue, gray, and black color palette of the automaker’s logo reflects the professionalism, high quality, and responsibility of the company along with its loyalty and confidence.

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