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Faw is the name of a Chinese automaking company, which was established in 1953 and is state-owned. The company is focused on the production of large vehicles, such as trucks and buses, and is also known for the manufacturing of automotive parts and components. With more than 130 thousand employees, Faw is considered to be one of the largest Asian brands in this segment.

Meaning and history

FAW Logo history

Faw is the brand that values legacy and traditions, and even though the company uses the logotype in Latin letters for its visual identity, its emblem, created in 1953, and kept almost untouched by today, is based on the Chinese meaning of the company’s name, being a tribute to the brand’s roots and history.

1953 – 2000

FAW Logo 1953

The original logo for Faw was introduced in 1953 and featured only a graphical emblem, which was sometimes accompanied by the lettering, though the official version contained only the badge. It was a black horizontally located oval in a thin white outline with the white number “1” in the middle. The number was surrounded by thick white horizontal lines, which created two wing-like structures.

The number one was not a spontaneous choice for the brand, as the name “FAW” in Chinese is a combination of symbols standing for “One” and “Automotive”. And the horizontal lines on the badge represent the lines of the Chinese hieroglyphs, forming the company’s name.

2000 – Today

FAW logo

The redesign of 2000 kept the original badge of Faw, refining and modernizing it. The bold custom logotype was added under the badge, completing the image and balancing the new color palette.

The new logo is executed in a blue and white color scheme, with the gradient shades in the three-dimensional badge and the flat plain blue color of the inscription. The badge now has its body colored in calm blue, and all the elements with the framing in gradient white, with a slight silver shade, which turns metallic gray when placed on the brand’s cars.

As for the logotype, written in the uppercase, it uses a custom sans-serif typeface with bold lines and distinct cuts of the letters’ edges.

Font and color

The smooth yet sharp FAW inscription in all capitals is executed in a custom typeface with sans-serif letters having clean and neat contours. The thick lines of the lettering make the logotype solid and bold, evoking a sense of stability and seriousness. The typeface of the FAW visual identity is pretty close to such fonts as Sequel Sans BG Display Bold and M Elite Hei HK ExtraBold, but with the “F” completely customized — its upper right angle rounded and the ends of the horizontal bars cut diagonally.

The blue and white color palette of the FAW logo stands for reliability and protection, accenting on such qualities of the brand as loyalty, safety, and res