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Hertz is the name of an international car-rent company, which was established in 1918 in the United States and today operates all over the globe through more than 30 thousand of its offices. The yearly revenue of the company is almost 10 billion USD.

Meaning and history

Hertz Logo history

1918 – 1978

Hertz Logo-1963

The very first sheets logo featured a simple yet bright and memorable badge, where the black lettering with a tagline was placed on a bright yellow background and enclosed into a thin black frame, repeating the shape of a parallelogram, with the sides slanted to the right. The logotype was set in the uppercase of a bold italicized sans-serif typeface, while the “Rent a car” tagline used a simpler and thinner font.

1978 – 2009

Hertz Logo-1978
The redesign of 1978 simplified the Herts logo to a single logotype, which was now set in an italicized extra bold sans-serif typeface in yellow, with a thin black outline and the thick black shadow of every letter. The new title-case inscription looked smooth and friendly, while the bright color palette added a sense of power and professionalism to the whole look.

2009 – Today

Hertz Logo

The visual identity of the international car rental service is simple yet instantly recognizable not only in the United States, where it was founded but all over the globe, where the company has its offices today.

The Hertz logo is composed of an underlined wordmark and uses just two colors — black as a main, and yellow for an accent. It might seem too simple and usual, but something in this inscription makes it remarkable and unique.

The sans-serif typeface of the Hertz logotype is modern and confident. Its italicized letters feature bold smooth lines with straight and distinct cuts, and the sharp angles of the last “Z” add a sense of power and professionalism.


Executed in a title case, it doesn’t look boring or too official, and the thick yellow underline only adds a dynamic feeling, showing the energy and progressiveness of the company.

The black and yellow color palette, which is usually used in combination with white, is a representation of professionalism and trustworthiness, along with vitality and friendliness, as the company works for people and providing its clients with comfort is the main priority for Hertz.