Vancouver Canadians Logo

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Vancouver Canadians Logo
Since 2004, the Minor League Baseball team has had at least four logos. Some of them looked rather similar to each other.

Meaning and History logo

Vancouver Canadians Logo history

The franchise started its history under the current name in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2000. It’s now a farm team for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Old symbols

Vancouver Canadians symbol
The original Vancouver Canadians logo was a blue ellipse with the large word “Canadians” and the smaller lettering “Vancouver” above. In 2004, it was replaced by a large “C” on the red circle placed inside a blue ring. In 2008, the ring grew red and a baseball appeared inside the “C.”

Emblem in 2014- present

Vancouver Canadians emblem
In comparison with the 2008 version, the current emblem features a different typeface and a slightly updated palette.


Vancouver Canadians Logo baseball
The red of the Vancouver Canadians logo seems to have been borrowed from the parent team’s palette.