Philadelphia Phillies Logo

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Philadelphia Phillies Logo
One of the most well-known US baseball teams, the Philadelphia Phillies has changed around 10 emblems over its more than 130-year history.

Meaning and History logo

Philadelphia Phillies Logo history

The earliest Philadelphia Phillies logo appeared in 1900. It depicted a baseball player (Philadelphian) inside a circle shape surrounded with a red ring. The emblem itself featured shades of light blue and white. In 1938 and 1939 the symbol was given a facelift, which mostly involved the colors.
philadelphia phillies logo
In 1944 a logo with blue jay was adopted, which lasted only a year and was replaced by a picture of two baseball players. The 1950 version featured a red Phillies cap with a baseball. The following emblem introduced in 1971 depicted the team’s mascots Phil and Phyllis. It was replaced 13 years later with a circular logo sporting the Philadelphia tower. In addition to the name of the team, there was the word “Philadelphia” on top of the emblem. The circular shape of the logo was supposed to represent a white baseball.

Symbol Phillies

Symbol Phillies
The visual center of the current symbol is the team’s name. It is given in a red script, with blue stars above “I”. The wordmark is placed on a baseball infield surrounded in a white and red frame. Also, there is a white Liberty Bell inside. This version of the emblem was introduced in 1992.

Interesting fact about the emblem

emblem Phillies
There are no indications of what the team’s home city or region is neither in the logo, nor in any part of their road jerseys. The Major League Baseball includes only four teams like this. Also, there are no other teams within the League that have the player’s number on one sleeve.


Font Phillies Logo
The typeface used in the Philadelphia Phillies logo imitates handwriting. Stars are used instead of dots above both the “I” letters.


Color Phillies Logo
The team’s basic palette includes only two colors, red and white, but there is also an accent color, blue.