Minnesota Twins Logo

Twins Logo

The Minneapolis-based professional baseball team the Minnesota Twins has two logotypes. In addition to the regular team logo, there is also a cap insignia.

Meaning and history Twins Logo

Minnesota Twins Logo history

The earliest Twins logo, which featured the letter “W”, appeared when the team was based in Washington. It was used for half a century until the club relocated to Minneapolis in 1961. The first “Minneapolis” logo depicted two men shaking hands.

Team emblem Twins

Twins emblem

The word “Twins” against the white baseball has been the center of the logotype since 1987. It was then that the underscore highlighting of “win” appeared. In 2010 the logo was encircled with the white text “Minnesota Baseball Club” against the navy blue background.

Cap symbol Twins

Twins symbol

The cap insignia sports interlacing letters “T” (white) and “C” (scarlet red with a gold outline). The letters appear against the navy blue background.

Font of the Twins Logo

Font Twins Logo

The current logo features two fonts: a beautiful script for the word “Twins” and a simple serif typeface for the “Minnesota Baseball Club” lettering.

Color of the Twins Logo

Color Twins Logo

The palette is comprised of three colors: navy blue, scarlet red, and white. In addition to the three colors featured in the logo, the team’s official palette also includes a shade of yellow called Minnesota Kasota gold.

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