Tampa Bay Rays Logo

Tampa Bay Rays Logo

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The team joined the Major League Baseball in 1998 under the name of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Ever since its home venue has been Tropicana Field.

Meaning and history

Tampa Bay Rays Logo history

The logo of the professional baseball team the Tampa Bay Rays has revolved around the ocean theme throughout more than two decades of its existence. This motif is not quite so pronounced today, though, as it was in the earlier versions.

1998 — 2000

Tampa Bay Devil Rays Logo 1998The club unveiled its earliest logo during its first playing season. The logo highlight was the black and blue devil ray – the creature after which the team itself was called. The fish was depicted against an ellipse with a rainbow gradient filler. The devil ray was leaving a trace creating the illusion of motion. The full name of the team was given in dark blue and white.

2001 — 2007

Tampa Bay Rays Logo Old 2001In 2001, the team revisited its logo making it a bit simpler. Gone were the rainbow gradient and the words “Devil Rays.” The fish was featured side by side with the lettering “Tampa Bay” in white over a dark blue ellipse.

2008 — 2018

Tampa Bay Rays Logo 2008The Tampa Bay Rays new logo is built around the word “Rays” overlapping a square shape. A bright yellow sunburst can be seen on the “R,” while the color palette continues the “beach” theme symbolizing the water and the sky of Florida.

2019 — Today

Tampa Bay Rays Logo
The Tampa Bay Rays logo created in 2019 is composed of a simple yet bold and even sleek blue “Rays” lettering in a double blue and white outline, placed on a white background. The inscription is set in the uppercase of a bold and modern serif typeface, with the first letter “R” enlarged and its tail elongated, arching under the rest of the lettering. On the same first “R” there is a seven-pointed star in yellow and white, which adds lightness, energy, and dynamics to a stable and professional blue and white composition.


Tampa Bay Rays symbolThe letterforms featured on the Tampa Bay Rays logo seem to have been inspired by the display serif font Hermecito A SC, which was created by Ari Rafaeli and published by the ARTypes foundry. The “R” has been heavily modified and, as a result, acquired a long extending end almost reaching the “S.” Although the overall look of the type is quite eye-pleasing, it seems a bit weak and somewhat out of place on a sports logo and uniform due to perceived lack of dynamism and strength.


Tampa Bay Rays Logo Color

The choice of colors seems to perfectly fit the name of the team and the visual metaphor on which the logo is based. The combination of navy blue and light blue symbolizes the ocean, while the yellow represents the golden rays of the sun. White is used as a supplementary color providing additional contrast.

What is Tampa Bay Rays?
Tampa Bay Rays are the name of the baseball club from Florida State, which was established in 1998. Today the club competes in Major League Baseball and is managed by Kevin Cash.