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Sugar Land Space Cowboys are baseball players who already had fans before they became the Space Cowboys. The logo of the team combines the aeronautics industry developed in Texas and the cowboys the state is closely associated with. The mascot of the team is Orion, who is a space specie. A stadium where they played their first games also holds a name related to space – Constellation Field.

Meaning and History

Professional baseball fans are well familiar with the Sugar Land Skeeters. They first appeared in 2012, along with the first professional baseball stadium in the city. Skeeters were part of the Atlantic League. The name Space Cowboys the team received very recently, in 2022. This year is considered the beginning of the Space Cowboys’ history. At that time, they became the Triple-A affiliate of the Houston Astros.

What is Sugar Land Space Cowboys?
The Sugar Land Space Cowboys are a Minor League Baseball team of Triple-A West. Although they have a relatively short history, it did not stand in their way of acquiring a solid crowd of fans and making noteworthy accomplishments.

2022 – Today

Sugar Land Space Cowboys Logo

A new name marked a new era for the baseball team and prompted the club to update its logo. A completely new design reflected the expanded possibilities of the team, which did not disappoint the fans and made them feel proud and look forward to plenty of exciting games. The rebranded logo designers did an amazing job creating a feeling of space and combining it with a cowboy theme. It is a dark blue round emblem with an astronaut wearing a cowboy hat and a sky-blue neckerchief.

Font and Color

Sugar Land Space Cowboys Emblem

The color palette was influenced by the parent club’s colors and space theme. The orange and black colors were already used by the club before it became known as the Sugar Land Space Cowboys. The orange speckles add a bright detail to the otherwise dark color palette. The white also adds a nice contrast. The different shades of blue and black are the colors that create a sophisticated and powerful impression. The space image of Earth’s horizon served as the inspiration for the color scheme.

A bold font with slightly noticeable serifs was used to print the name. The letters are tall and skinny. At the same time, there is plenty of spacing between the letters. The font enhanced a grand and solid image of the team.

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