Chicago Cubs Logo

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Cubs Logo
One of the oldest baseball teams in the National League, the Chicago Cubs have had over 15 logos throughout their more than 40-year history. Some of the emblems are absolutely unlike one another, yet what almost all of them have in common is the stylized letter “C”.

Meaning and History logo

Chicago Cubs Logo history

The team’s original name, the Chicago White Stockings, was used throughout its first years in baseball. The club changed quite a few names – both official and unofficial – until in 1902 it started to be mentioned as “the Cubs”. In four years, it already was the club’s official name.

Symbol: 1903-1917

Symbol Cubs
In 1903-1905, the club used an intricate design featuring an old English letter “C” in blue. The following logo comprised a simple letter “C” in brown, but by the following season it was embellished by a couple of new details.
The emblems used from 1908 to 1916 sported a bear inside the letter “C”, while in 1917 a wordmark logo was adopted, which included the full name of the team, “Chicago Cubs”.


Emblem Cubs
The 1918 symbol was the start of a new era. It was the very first Chicago Cubs logo where the letters “UBS” were placed inside a big letter “C”. Although there have been quite a few amendments to the shape and size of all the letters, on the whole, the idea has remained the same until now. The only periods when another logo was used were from 1927 to 1936 and from 1941 to 1945.


Font Cubs Logo
The word “Cubs” is given in a simple bold font looking clean and solid. There were quite a few other typefaces used in the previous versions of the logo.


Color Cubs Logo
Both the team logo and the cap insignia feature the same color scheme including blue, red, and white. The first time when the combination appeared in the team’s logo was in 1916. Yet, the logos have not been consistent in terms of the color choice, so there have been several emblems featuring a different palette.
chicago cubs logo