Chattanooga Lookouts Logo

Chattanooga Lookouts Logo

The Chattanooga Lookouts have been rather consistent in their brand identity, at least throughout the last half a century. Since 1976, their logo has experienced only one major overhaul.

Meaning and history

Chattanooga Lookouts Logo history

One of the oldest minor league baseball clubs, the Chattanooga Lookouts played their first official game in 1885. They have been playing over 130 years under their current name, with the only exception of the 1943/44 playing season.

Old symbol

Chattanooga Lookouts symbol

Throughout the 1970s-1980s, the team experimented with the color scheme without introducing notable changes to the very shape of the emblem. During that period, the Chattanooga Lookouts logo featured the word “Lookouts” in a fancy script. The palette shifted from black and green (in 1976) to red and blue (in 1978), then to blue (in 1985), and eventually to red (in 1987). The two “o’s” looked like the eyes, which perfectly fit the name of the club.

The 1993 emblem

Chattanooga Lookouts emblem

The following version emphasized the “lookout” theme even more. Now, the emblem featured a capital “C” with two eyes.


Chattanooga Lookouts Logo baseball

The palette of the Chattanooga Lookouts logo comprises red, black, and white. White dominates the emblem, and because of this, the design looks rather light and unobtrusive.