Arizona Diamondbacks Logo

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Arizona Diamondbacks Logo
The American baseball team the Arizona Diamondbacks made their first appearance in the MLB franchise in 1998. But in fact their history began three years earlier when the ownership organized a special contest. People were asked to suggest names for a new baseball team from Arizona. Of all the ideas submitted to the jury “Diamondbacks” was recognized as the best name capable of drawing attention to an unknown team from the Arizona desert.

Meaning and History logo

Arizona Diamondbacks Logo history

For their debut in 1998 the team prepared an emblem consisting of the wordmark “Diamondbacks” and a letter “A” with a snake’s tongue as a crossbar, everything depicted in italic type. The people who created the logo were inspired by the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, a species of snakes that is found in Arizona. This was how Diamondbacks logo history started.
The logo hasn’t gone through many changes. To be more exact, there have been only three versions of it over 20 years, and the changes cannot be called dramatic.

The 2007 Symbol

Arizona Diamondbacks Symbol
While the old logo was in purple, turquoise, copper, black and off-white colors, the logo unveiled in 2007 featured sedona red, black and sonoran sand for the outline. Other modifications were connected with the wordmark. It changed its font and became greater in size. The letters “A” and “K” acquired extenders that were supposed to simulate fangs of a snake. The letter “A” underwent no changes, except that it became somewhat smaller, and it remained on top.

New Emblem

Arizona Diamondbacks Emblem
After four seasons in 2012 the Rattlesnakes introduced a new logo which is still in use. They continued with the same color scheme as in the previous symbol, but removed the wordmark that used to be depicted below the letter “A”.

Color and Color Interpretations

Color Arizona Diamondbacks logo
The color scheme of the Arizona Diamondbacks logo includes sedona red (hex color #A71930), sonoran sand (hex color #E3D4AD), black (hex color #000000) and white (hex color #FFFFFF).
The name of the shade for the red color originates from a canyon near Sedona. “Sonoran Sand” was cast over by the Sonoran Desert, as it reminds the beige shade of the sand.
The D-backs’ uniform colors are the same. They also added teal (hex color #30CED8) before the season of 2916. The Snakes use different combinations of their color scheme. There are eight of them, including away grey uniforms and white uniforms for use during home games.