New York Mets Logo

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Mets LogoThe New York Mets logo has stayed almost the same since it was created in 1962. Only three hardly noticeable modifications have been made.

Meaning and History logo

New York Mets Logo history

All the New York Mets logotypes, starting with the very first one, have featured the New York skyline. Each part of the skyline was a symbol in itself. For instance, the church spire referred to Brooklyn, where there are quite a few churches. One could also notice a stylized depiction of the Williamsburgh Savings Bank, the Woolworth Building, the Empire State Building, as well as the United Nations Building.
new york mets logo
The skyline served as a background for the wordmark “Mets” (orange with white trim), a depiction of a bridge (white), and interlacing letters “NY” (orange). The design was placed inside an orange circle.
ny mets logo
The author of the emblem was Ray Gatto, a well-known sports cartoonist.


Emblem Mets
The update that took place in 1993 was barely noticeable unless you compared the two versions side by side. Both the colors, orange and blue, grew darker, more saturated.

Current symbol

symbol Mets
As the result of the 1999 update, the letters “NY” disappeared, while the lines of the bridge grew wider.


Font Mets
The logo uses a beautiful script typeface resembling handwriting.


Color Mets Logo
The New York Mets logo has stayed consistent in terms of the color scheme (orange, blue, and white). Only slight color changes have been made.