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Boston Red Sox is one of the most popular baseball teams in the United States, which was established in 1901. At the beginning of its history, the club was nicknamed “Americans” and adopted a today-famous name in 1908. One of the most rewarded professional baseball teams in America, the club is owned by Fenway Sports Group and managed by Brian O’Halloran.

Meaning and history

Boston Red Sox Logo history

1901 — 1908

Boston Red Sox Logo 1901

However, the very first logo of the club was blue and white. The arched “Boston” lettering was replaced by a gothic-style “BA” monogram in 1902 and came back in 1903. The bright blue letters on a white background were symbolizing professionalism and stability, along with expertise and reliability.

1908 — 1909

Boston Red Sox Logo 1908

After the change of the team’s name, the logo was also changed in 1908. A bright red sock with white lettering, placed on its vertical part, that is how the original Red Socks logo looked like. It was playful, modern and memorable.

1909 — 1912

Boston Red Sox Logo 1909

In 1909 the club decided to go for a logotype instead of a graphical emblem. The same style and shape as the logo from 1901, only in red was the visual identity of the club for the next two years.

1912 — 1924

Boston Red Sox Logo 1912

The “Boston” inscription was changed to “Red Sox” in all capitals. The nameplate was also arched and fully repeated the style and font of the previous version. There was a big space between the words, making the “arch” a little broken in its middle.

1924 — 1960

Boston Red Sox Logo 1924

The pair of Red Socks without any inscriptions was the logo for the baseball team from the middle of the 1920s. With some white stripes, the socks looked cozy and funny, making a perfect representative for the club and increasing its popularity.

1960 — 1976

Boston Red Sox Logo 1961

The logo of the next decade was composed of a baseball ball and a pair of socks against the ball had its stitches in black and red, creating a good contrast and adding a professional touch to the visual identity of the club.

The emblem was slightly refined in 1979, the socks were moved into the middle of a circular emblem, creating a better balance and making the logo more harmonized and solid.

One more difference from the previous version — the white lines of the socks was replaced by two white rhombuses, along with the white square on the heel.

1976 — 2008

Boston Red Sox Logo 1976

The redesign of 1976 brought the most complex and intense version of the team’s logo. It was composed of the previous version with the ball and socks, enclosed in a rounded frame, consisting of two circles. The “Boston Red Sox” inscription was placed on the frame, around its perimeter. The lettering was executed in a bold custom typeface with some curved lines and pointed angles. The “Boston” part was in black with the red outline, while the name of the club featured a bright red color and a thin black around it.

2008 — Today

Boston Red Sox Logo 2009

The current logo of one of the main American baseball teams was designed in 2008. It is the same pair of red socks, but with refined and smoother lines, which make the whole image look more modern and confident.

As an additional logo, the club uses a custom ornate letter “B” in red, which was designed in 1933 and was replicated in the logo version of 1976, used by all the lettering. The signature “B” is usually outlined in white and placed on a dark blue background. It can be a solid circle or a flag with the “Champions” tagline, celebrating the rewards of the club.

The typeface of the emblem is pretty close to Hessian, a special historical font, based on the ancient handwriting.

Red Sox logo old


Symbol evolution

Red Sox symbol

The 2009 emblem

Boston Red Sox emblem

In comparison with its predecessor, the current official Boston Red Sox logo is much simpler. Gone are the basketball, the lettering, and the bold outer frame. The iconic socks are the only focus of attention. The most recent logo seems to substantially conform to the current design tendency for simplification.

Interestingly enough, it looks very much like the 1924 logo where there were no additional elements. If you take a closer look, though, you will notice they are not identical – the white streaks of the Boston Red Sox old logo have been replaced by larger white elements.


Boston Red Sox logo color

The team’s three official colors are red, dark blue, and white. However, the Red Sox team logo features only two of them, red and white. Dark blue can be seen on some of the secondary logotypes (the wordmark and the “B” emblem, for instance).


The primary Boston Red Sox logo doesn’t contain any text at all. Taking into consideration the unique image, there’s hardly any need to mention the name of the team – it’s hard not to guess it. However, the team does have a wordmark. The Boston Red Sox logo font, which is called Bosox, is somewhat similar in style to the team’s primary logo. The glyphs in this script have unusual (and unnecessary, from the practical point of view), sharp elements and curves creating a distinctive retro (or, to be precise, Old English) feel.

Boston Red Sox Colors

RGB: (189, 48, 57)
CMYK: (00, 91, 76, 6)

HEX COLOR: #0C2340;
RGB: (12, 35, 64)
CMYK: (100, 60, 00, 56)

RGB: (255, 255, 255)
CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 0)