Boston Red Sox Logo

Red Sox logo
For most of its history, the American baseball team Boston Red Sox has employed a logo depicting red socks (or, at least, a red stocking). The bold and unusual emblem made the logo highly recognizable and particularly memorable.

Meaning and History logo

Boston Red Sox Logo history

The original name of the team that is now known as Boston Red Sox was Boston Americans. The club was established in 1901 as one of the eight charter franchises of the American League of Professional Baseball Clubs. The team captured their first pennant in 1903 and reached the same level of success in the following season.
The earliest logo looked nothing like any of the following versions, which can be partly explained by the fact that the team had a different name back then and, therefore, hadn’t still acquired its right for a socks logo. In 1901-1907 they used an emblem comprising the blue letters “B” and “A” in an intricate script imitating Old English letters.

Old logo

Red Sox logo old
With the change of the team name in 1908 (“sox” derives from a very old plural form of the word “socks”), a new logo was introduced featuring a single red sock. Either socks used to be longer at that era, or the designer decided to make the logo as “decent” as possible, but the object depicted on the 1908 logo actually looks more like a stocking than a sock. It comprises the word “Boston” in white capitals. The need for placing the whole word into the sock could have been one of the possible reasons why it turned into a stocking.

Symbol evolution

Red Sox symbol
Despite the designer’s best efforts, the stockings logo didn’t work – it probably still wasn’t perceived as “decent.” Anyway, as soon as in 1909, the stocking disappeared leaving only the word “Boston” for the team’s logo. Now, the lettering was red and had an arch shape.
In three years, the emblem was modified. While the script, the red color, and the arch shape remained untouched, the text itself was replaced by “Red Sox.”
The Boston Red Sox old logo existed in this form for a whole decade until in 1924 the team returned to the “socks” theme. The two hanging socks were given in red and white against the white background.
The following 115 years of the Boston Red Sox logo history were nothing but a series of modifications. A baseball was added in 1961; then there was a slight color shift in 1970, then the lettering and red frame appeared in 1976.

The 2009 emblem

Boston Red Sox emblem
In comparison with its predecessor, the current official Boston Red Sox logo is much simpler. Gone are the basketball, the lettering, and the bold outer frame. The iconic socks are the only focus of attention. The most recent logo seems to substantially conform to the current design tendency for simplification.
Interestingly enough, it looks very much like the 1924 logo where there were no additional elements. If you take a closer look, though, you will notice they are not identical – the white streaks of the Boston Red Sox old logo have been replaced by larger white elements.


The primary Boston Red Sox logo doesn’t contain any text at all. Taking into consideration the unique image, there’s hardly any need to mention the name of the team – it’s hard not to guess it. However, the team does have a wordmark. The Boston Red Sox logo font, which is called Bosox, is somewhat similar in style to the team’s primary logo. The glyphs in this script have unusual (and unnecessary, from the practical point of view), sharp elements and curves creating a distinctive retro (or, to be precise, Old English) feel.


Boston Red Sox logo color
The team’s three official colors are red, dark blue, and white. However, the Red Sox team logo features only two of them, red and white. Dark blue can be seen on some of the secondary logotypes (the wordmark and the “B” emblem, for instance).