San Diego Padres Logo

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San Diego Padres Logo
The only baseball professional team the San Diego Padres owes its name to the Franciscan friars from Spain. “Padres” is a Spanish word for “fathers”. In this way they paid a tribute to the people who founded San Diego more than three centuries ago.

Meaning and History logo

San Diego Padres Logo history

Over the course of their history the Friars have changed their logo six times and their color combinations four times. The original color scheme was a combination of brown and gold.

Old Logo

Old Logo San Diego Padres
The old Padres logo designed in 1969 gives the picture of a friar in a yellow circle. The friar is holding or rather swinging a bat on which the word “Padres” is written. The brown wordmark “San Diego Padres” goes below the circle.
The Padres were so devoted to their first logo that used it for 15 years until in 1985 they switched to the logo without the friar. There were just three wordmarks ‒ one of them sloped up, that is “PADRES”, and the other two “SAN DIEGO” and “BASEBALL CLUB” in a different font. “SAN DIEGO” was on top to the left and “BASEBALL CLUB” was on the bottom to the right.
The next logo which appeared a year later was also a script-like logo but it featured only the wordmark “PADRES”. An orange trim was added to the brown letters.

The 1990s Emblem

San Diego Padres Emblem
During that decade they changed three logos. In 1990 the existing wordmark “PADRES” appeared on a tan ring the center of which was striped. The wordmarks “SAN DIEGO” came back, one of them above the wordmark “PADRES”, the other below it.
The 1991 version of the San Diego Padres logo differed from the previous one only by the colors. The ring was silver and the “PADRES” was blue.
The third modification was practically the symbol of 1991 but with a white ring. There were also fewer stripes and the blue color of the “PADRES” turned into dark blue.

The 2004-2010 Symbol

San Diego Padres Symbol
The change of the stadium in 2003 led to a completely new logo. Now the Padres logo looked like their home plate, at the top right corner of which the “SAN DIEGO” was printed in sand font. The font of the wordmark “Padres” changed greatly. There were waves on the bottom depicted in navy blue, blue and white.
In 2011 the “SAN DIEGO” was removed.
A new season and again a completely new emblem with the initial letters “SD” in the center of the inner navy blue circle and the “SAN DIEGO PADRES BASEBALL CLUB” on the outer circle.

New Logo

New Logo San Diego Padres
The new logo unveiled for the season of 2016 and still in use is just the interlocken letters “SD” in dark blue.