Hagerstown Suns Logo

Hagerstown Suns LogoWhile the logos of the Hagerstown Suns and their parent franchise, the Washington Nationals, look completely different, they share a similar palette and the overall shape.

Meaning and history

Hagerstown Suns Logo history

The Hagerstown Suns played their first official game in 1981. Today, the franchise based in Hagerstown, Maryland, belongs to the South Atlantic League and has the status of the Class-A affiliate of the Washington Nationals.

Symbol in 1993-2012

Hagerstown Suns Symbol

The old Hagerstown Suns logo featured orange sunrays around a baseball forming a player’s face. The baseball is wearing a black cap with the orange letter “H.”

The 2013 emblem

Hagerstown Suns emblem

As the result of the 2013 update, the color scheme was replaced by a new one, which brought the team’s visual identity closer to that of the Washington Nationals.


Logo Hagerstown Suns

The palette comprises red, dark blue, and white.