Spokane Indians Logo

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Founded in 1898, the Spokane Indians are affiliated with the Texas Rangers and play in the Class A-Short Season Northwest League.

Meaning and history

Spokane Indians Logo history

Taking into consideration that the franchise was named after Spokane Valley, which, in its turn, received its name after the Spokane tribe, the Native American theme on their logo seems perfectly natural.

Spokane Indians logo

Primary symbol

Spokane Indians symbol

The Spokane Indians logo is a roundel featuring a large red “S” over a baseball with red seams. It’s placed inside a blue ring with the beige inscription “Spokane Indians.”

Cap emblem

Spokane Indians emblem

The “S” on the cap insignia is colored dark blue and has a beige and light blue outline. There’s a feather below it.


Spokane Indians Logo baseball

Sharing red, navy and light blue with the Texas Rangers, the Spokane Indians also have their unique color, beige.