New York Yankees Logo

New York Yankees Logo

Although for more than a century the New York Yankees logo looked almost the same, in fact it went through quite a few amendments to its shape and proportions, some of them barely noticeable to an unprofessional eye.

New York Yankees Logo Meaning and history

New York Yankees Logo history

Surprisingly enough, the logo was originally created not for the New York Yankees. It was made in 1877 by Louis Tiffany as the central element of a medal for a police officer killed in the line of duty. In 1909 the New York Yankees club, which was called New York Highlanders back then, adopted the emblem.

New York Highlanders symbol

New York Highlanders symbol

Before the club got its current name and symbol (in 1913 and 1909 respectively), it was called New York Highlanders and used variations of a stylized “N” and “Y” as its logo. For most of the time, the letters were placed separately on either side of the jersey with the only exception of 1905 season, when the letters were interlocked.

Alternative emblems New York Yankees

emblems New York Yankees

There are three versions of the New York Yankees logo, each used for a different purpose:

  • the cap logo, where both the characters have the same proportions
  • the emblem that can be seen on the club’s home jersey: “Y” is a bit larger in comparison to “N”, while the curves are more emphasized
  • the print Yankees symbol, where both the letters have slightly emphasized serifs

Font of the New York Yankees Logo

Font of the New York Yankees Logo

The iconic “NY” initials feature customized font. It looks unique and instantly recognizable.

Color of the New York Yankees Logo

Color of the New York Yankees Logo

The letters are navy blue, while the background is white. In addition to these two colors, the club’s official color palette also features grey.

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