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Established in 1977, the team has changed several names, owners, and locations before adopting the current name in advance of the 2006/2007 playing season. While Vermont Lake Monsters are the Short-Season A class affiliate of the Oakland Athletics, both of their logos have been unique and independent.

Meaning and history

Vermont Lake Monsters Logo history

The Vermont Lake Monsters was originally founded as the Vermont Expos in 1994, before being rebranded in 2006. This change was reflective of Vermont’s local folklore, specifically the mythical Lake Champlain monster, Champ. Throughout their history, the Lake Monsters have been affiliated with several Major League Baseball teams, providing a developmental platform for young players. Notable achievements include their 1996 and 2011 division championships. As of now, the team continues to engage and inspire their community, providing both entertainment and economic benefits to the local area. They play as part of the Futures Collegiate Baseball League, focusing on the development and showcasing of collegiate players.

What is the Vermont Lake Monsters?
It is a minor league baseball team renowned for fostering young talents and enhancing community spirit in Burlington, Vermont.

2006 — 2013

Vermont Lake Monsters Logo 2006The old Vermont Lake Monsters logo depicts the Lake Champlain monster, which has been the franchise’s mascot since 1994. He’s holding a bat in its teeth and following a baseball.

2014 — Today

Vermont Lake Monsters logo

While the modified logo also focuses on the monster mascot, now only the upper part of its muzzle can be seen on it.


In addition to two shades of blue (navy blue and Columbia blue), the Vermont Lake Monsters logo also features lime green and white.