Oakland Athletics Logo

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Oakland Athletics Logo
For most of its history, the logo of the professional baseball team Oakland Athletics has been based on one of the two motifs: an elephant or a capital “A.” The “A” insignia, in one form or another, has been used as the primary Oakland A’s logo since 1968.

Meaning and history

Oakland Athletics Logo history

The club was established in 1901 under the name of the Philadelphia Athletics. It was then that the Oakland A’s logo history started. The earliest logo featured a block letter “A” in blue, which was replaced by an Old English “A” the following season.
From 1920 to 1967, the era of elephant logos lasted, with the only exception of an Old English “A” logo used in the 1928/29 season.

Old logo

Oakland Athletics Logo Old
The 1968 Oakland A’s logo sported a white baseball with yellow elements and the lettering “A’s.” In 1971 and 1983, the emblem was updated without actually changing its visual core.

The 1993 symbol

Oakland Athletics symbol
The current logo appears to be a stylized version of its predecessors, where the ball has been replaced by an abstract circle shape.

Elephant emblem and mascot

Oakland Athletics emblem
The story of how an elephant appeared on the emblem is a rather interesting one. In 1902, John McGraw, the manager of another team, New York Giants, contemptuously nicknamed the Philadelphia Athletics “The White Elephants” meaning that the club was wasting money.
However, Connie Mack, who owned the club for about half a century, hit back with a retaliatory strike: he picked the White Elephants as the team’s emblem. Interestingly enough, that very year, the club won the American League pennant.


The highly legible sans serif type looks very much like a customized version of Gill Sans Bold Condensed.


Oakland Athletics Logo Color
The three colors of the Oakland Athletics logo are Kelly green, yellow, and white. The combination of green and yellow was chosen by the team’s infamous owner Charlie Finley in 1963 instead of the standard for this kind of sport blue-and-red combination used before.