Kingsport Mets Logo

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The logo of the Minor League Baseball team the Kingsport Mets does have a couple of visual links to the emblem of its parent team, yet it manages to preserve its distinctive identity.

Kingsport Mets logo

Meaning and history

Kingsport Mets Logo history

The Kingsport Mets have a long and illustrious history that started in 1921. The team has gone through around ten names before becoming an affiliate of the New York Mets and adopting the current name in 1980. The team belongs to the Appalachian League.

Primary symbol

Kingsport Mets symbol

The Kingsport Mets logo is based on the wordmark. Here, the lettering “Mets” is given in the same script as on the logo of the New York Mets. There’s a rhombus on the background.

Cap emblem

Kingsport Mets emblem

A large orange and white “K” in a decorative font can be seen over the dark blue background.