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The evolution of the Spiderman logo has been closely interconnected with the evolution of Spider-Man himself. One of the most iconic and recognizable superheroes in the world has gone through numerous amendments.

Meaning and history

Spiderman Logo history

1963 – 1979; 1990 – 1994

Spiderman Logo 1963
Originally, the logo consisted of a single wordmark written as ‘Spider-Man’, but with exclusively capital letters. The font used here was a soft-shape sans-serif style. The colors: yellow with red undersides. By ‘undersides’, one should mean the sides seen because of the perspective effect. The word was also curved downwards somewhat.

1979 – 1985

Spiderman Logo 1979
The wordmark used then uses wider, more linear shapes. They also reversed the curve upwards and shifted the color scheme to white letters with red undersides.

1985 – 1990

Spiderman Logo 1985
The 1985 logo was a lot stricter. Now, they made them look like proper 3D constructs (like the wordmark in the intro of 20th Century Fox). They were viewed on as if from above. The font used here is even more linear, and the letters are much taller and more proportioned. The colors switched to red with yellow.

1994 – 2005

Spiderman Logo 1994
This is the wordmark for the ‘Spider-Man: the Animated Series’. They finally made it flat and upgraded the font to look more aggressive and fell spider-y, so to speak. They basically made the letters extra tall, jagged and covered in red outlines. The letters proper were white.

2005 – now

Spiderman Logo

The most famous superheroes

When in 1966 John Romita, Sr. started to work as the main artist, he changed the color scheme of the superhero’s costume, replacing most of the black surfaces with blue. However, the logo remained identical. It was only in 1984 that the logo was heavily modified. To suit the Symbiote costume, the emblem was made several times bigger. Due to its white color, it stood out against the black background. Interestingly enough, the idea for the costume was contributed not by a professional designer but by a fan, Randy Schueller. Marvel purchased the idea and commissioned Mike Zeck and Rick Leonardi to bring it to life.Logo Spiderman

2013 emblem

emblem Spiderman

The Superior Spiderman logo (2013) designed by Humberto Ramos was inspired by a draft, which Alex Ross created for the first episode of the series. The spider was bigger than in most other costumes and had an unusual outline.

Alternative logos

Spiderman Logos

We cannot but mention the 1992 design created by Rick Leonardi. The costume featured a spider, whose body resembled a skull. The outfit belonged to the first Hispanic Spider-Man.

The Ultimate II version introduced in 2011 sported a red insect against the black background. The author of the image was Sara Pichelli.


Font Spiderman Logo

The Spiderman logo does not include any wordmark. The way the superhero’s name is shown may differ from one episode of the series to another.


Color Spiderman Logo

In most cases, the spider and its net are black, while the background is red. Some of the exceptions to this rule include the versions that appeared in 1984 (white spider, black background) and in 1994 (blue background), as well as special costumes.