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The main artifact connected with Captain America is definitely his indestructible shield, which is his primary weapon and, in a way, the Captain America logo. The superhero has owned a number of shields. Typically, they haven’t had a regular shield shape, but were based on a circular disc. Also, Cap wears a distinctive uniform, which certainly has played an important part in creating his brand.

Meaning and history

Captain America logo

The Cap’s earliest weapon was a steel shield that looked very much like the one on the US Seal. It had a triangular shape, carried three stars on the top and stripes below.

The most famous superheroes

In 1941, it was replaced by a disc-shaped alternative. In fact, the replacement was caused by a complaint of another publisher, who claimed that Cap’s shield looked very much like the one owned by another patriotic hero. In the middle of the concavo-convex new shield, there was a white star encircled by white, red, and blue rings.

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Later, Tony Stark added electronic and magnetic components to the shield, due to which Cap could control it in flight, yet he removed them as they affected the balance of the weapon when thrown. This version was used until 1949.

Alternative shield symbols

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During the Silver Age, Captain America used a shield of a slightly different design. It looked very much like its predecessor, yet the outer ring was not blue, but red.

The cover of The Avengers #4 featured a slightly modified variant of the iconic emblem. The outer ring (red) was made thinner than on the original emblem and there was also an additional white ring encircling the star.

As the result of the Cap’s rejuvenation by Kobik, he received a new triangle shield.

Alternative emblems

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In addition to the shield, Cap also has a uniform, which can be easily recognized. Although the overall design of the uniform, its material, and the hat has been modified more than once, the Captain’s outfit remained consistent in several details.

For instance, the hat has always featured a large letter “A,” which stood for “America”. There has always been a star on the superhero’s breast, and a red-and-white stripe design on his belly. In the original version, the star was white, while the later variants comprised a 3D silvery star.


Color Captain America Logo

Whatever modifications the Captain America logo has gone through, it has always stayed consistent in terms of the color scheme. The palette has been based on the colors of the US flag, with minor shifts in the shades.


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