Nickelodeon Logo

Nickelodeon Logo
Over the first two years of its existence, Nickelodeon was actually called Pinwheel, so the company’s original wordmark reflects this fact. It was only in 1977 that the channel was relaunched under its current name and the history of the Nickelodeon logo actually started. Let’s look how the company’s branding got to where it is today.

Meaning and history

Nickelodeon Logo history

The earliest version, which was introduced in 1979, depicted a man in a bowler hat trying to find out what’s going on inside a Nickelodeon machine. In 1980 the man disappeared, while the type was heavily modified.
One more modification took place just a year later. Not only did the wordmark receive a new type, but it also got a bright rainbow color scheme. The redesign was made by Lou Dorfsman and Bob Klein.
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Starting from 1984 the channel experimented with quite a few versions of its logo, all of which featured orange silhouettes with the name of the channel given in white Balloon type. In 2003 the splat themed logos were adopted.
The current version was unveiled in 2009. It won the 3rd place in Part 2 of the 2009 Brand New Awards.


Font of the Nickelodeon Logo
The rounded sans-serif type used in the Nickelodeon logo looks very close to Bauhaus 93.


Color of the Nickelodeon Logo
The corporate wordmark has been featuring the orange-and-white color scheme since 1984.