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Futurama is a famous animated series, telling about the interplanetary adventures of the main character, Philip Fry. The sitcom was created by Matt Groening in 1999 and by today 140 episodes were released in 7 seasons.

Meaning and history

Futurama Logo history

1999 – 2003, 2008 – 2013

Futurama Logo 1999

The simple text-based Futurama logo is modern and memorable. Composed of a wordmark in a contrast color palette, it looks confident on any background and ap-pears at the beginning of every Futurama episode.

The Futurama nameplate in all the capital letters is executed in a custom hand-drawn sans-serif typeface, with a slightly elongated horizontal bar of “R”, the letter “F” forming kind of cross and the horizontal bars of both “A” replaced by triangles with their peach facing down.

The Font based on the Futurama logotype was created by Darrell Johnson and is called “Futurama”.

The pointed tops of “A”s and “M” make the whole logo look sharp and futuristic as if they are pointing into the future, or up in the Space.

The three-dimensional lettering features red color, which boasts gradient shades in order to add a sense of motion, in a thin yellow outline, which makes the inscription more distinct and visible.

The Futurama logo is simple yet strong. It reflects power and progress, representing the nature of the series and its futuristic story.

2021 – Today

Futurama Logo
By 2021, Futurama started airing again on multiple TV-channels. For this edition, they updated the logo. It’s mostly the same design, except they straightened the word out, slightly reworked the shading and coloring and also added perspective. Otherwise, it’s mostly the same.