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Arguably the most popular series of fantasy novels of the last two decades, Harry Potter has features of several genres, including mystery, thriller, adventure, and horror. The first book, The Philosopher’s Stone, was published in 1997, while the last one, The Deathly Hallows, appeared in 2007.

Meaning and history

Harry Potter Logo history

In spite of its rather short history and relative simplicity, the Harry Potter logo hasn’t been one and the same all the time. The first version, which was used in British, Australian, and Canadian editions of the book before 2010, was pretty minimalistic. It didn’t even have a custom typeface, but used the Cochin Bold font.


Harry Potter symbol
It was in the American editions of the series that the now familiar Harry Potter logo was used for the first time. Later, it appeared in the film. The second version of the symbol has remained unchanged until now, except for the color.


Harry Potter emblem
Unlike many other popular logos, the essence of the Harry Potter logo is not a special symbol but the very font itself. It is one of the very few cases when the typeface itself includes recognizable visual characteristics that make it unique.


Colors Harry Potter Logo
Judging from the fact that the logo can be seen in various colors, the color scheme cannot be considered the most important part of the Harry Potter logo. Some of the colors used for the image over the last few years include shades of golden, silver and black.


Font Harry Potter Logo
Being the essence of the logo, the Harry Potter font deserves special attention. The currently used version of the emblem features a custom-made typeface with graphic elements reminiscent of the world of magic and Harry Potter himself. Here, we can’t but mention the “lightning” in the “P” letter: this graphic element is presumably supposed to be a reminder of the “lightning” scar the main hero of the book had.