Cartoon Network Logo

cartoon network logo
Cartoon Network is a popular American cable TV network, which shows animated movies for children and teenagers. The network was founded in October 1992.

Logo History

Cartoon Network Logo history

The old Cartoon Network logo, which was a 7×2 checkered grid with black and white letters that make up the company name. Although the logo is no longer used onscreen, it still appears in intros to some programs that are broadcast on CN.

The 2010 symbol

cartoon network symbol
This version borrows its predecessor’s cubes motif, while eliminating the 3D effect. Now, the Cartoon Network logo is flat and features the white “C” and the black “N” inside a black cube and a white cube respectively. The shape of the letters has been heavily modified, while the typeface featured on the company name below has stayed the same.


shape cartoon network logo
The current Cartoon Network logo was introduced in 2004, and it featured two 3D cubes with the CN initials written on them. There is the company name written in the typeface borrowed from the previous logo version just below the cubes. This logo is a product of Animal Logic, a renowned visual effect designer company from Australia.  This is just another case to say that simplicity and minimalism make right in business.


colors cartoon network logo
The Cartoon Network logo comes in the eternal combination of black and white. Black symbolizes prestige, excellence, determination, and courage. White expresses purity, kindness, and positive mood.


font cartoon network logo
The initials and company name are written in its playful signature custom typeface, which has been there since the company’s inception.
cartoon network studios logo
cartoon network old logo