South Bend Cubs Logo

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South Bend Cubs Logo
The logo of the South Bend Cubs definitely draws inspiration from that of its parent team, the Chicago Cubs.

Meaning and History logo

South Bend Cubs Logo history

The history of the Minor League Baseball team started in 1988 in South Bend, Indiana, where it has been based ever since.

Primary symbol

South Bend Cubs symbol
When the franchise became the Class-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs in 2014, its brand identity went through a complete overhaul. The focal point of the redesign of the South Bend Cubs logo was the emblem of its parent team, which was encircled by the lettering “South Bend” to reflect the connection with the affiliate franchise.

Secondary emblem

South Bend Cubs emblem
The alternative logo seems to have been inspired by the Chicago Cubs old logo depicting a bear’s muzzle inside a red ring.