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The franchise that over the last 29 seasons has been known as the High Desert Mavericks originated as the Red Wave in 1988 in Riverside, California. Three years later the baseball team (High Class A, CAL) settled down in Adelanto, California, which part of the High Desert region.

Meaning and history

High Desert Mavericks Logo history

The original logo appeared in 1991 when the team was set up and it was in use till 2016 when the Mavs were dissolved. It features a wordmark with the team’s name. The stylized word “Mavericks” is in red color. The letters look like three-dimensional objects. The letter “M” is “wearing” a black cowboy hat embellished with small baseballs. The “High Desert” in black color and in simple font is above and a little to the left. The wordmark “Baseball Club” in black is underneath to the right.

High Desert Mavericks logo

It should be noted that in the American Southwest the word “maverick” is perceived as a synonym for a cowboy wandering in the High Desert. This fact explains the “cowboy” character of the High Desert Mavericks’ logo.

High Desert Mavericks Logo baseball

The logo has strong ties with the local community but it lacks in baseball theme. Except for the tiny baseballs and the “Baseball Club” in small letters there is nothing else in it to indicate the sport.