San Jose Giants Logo

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San Jose Giants Logo
The team whose current name is the San Jose Giants was established as the San Jose Bees in 1962. Since that time they have played in San Jose, California, from time to time changing names and affiliations. It’s a MiLB team, CAL, an affiliate of the San Francisco Giants. This affiliation began in 1988. That year the team was renamed from “Bees” to “Giants”.

Logo History

San Jose Giants Logo history

When we compare the logos of the parent team and the farm team, we see that the latter copied the major league team’s logo that was adopted in 2000. Their current primary mark which was also unveiled in 2000 consists of the same elements and has the same lettering style. The only thing they did was to add the inscriptions “San Jose” and “Baseball Club”.
The logo features the “GIANTS” lettering across a white baseball with orange seams. There is some cream tinting on the baseball to create a 3-D effect.
San Jose Giants Logo baseball
The word “Giants” is in black outlined in orange and with a shadow (3-D) effect. The lettering “San Jose” in black capital letters is arched above the baseball, while the “Baseball Club” is placed below it in the form of an inverted arch.
The color scheme fully coincides with their parent team’s one and includes black, orange and cream.