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The Midwest League, a distinguished Class A minor league baseball organization, operates under the broader umbrella of Minor League Baseball. This league, currently owned by Major League Baseball (MLB) as part of its restructuring of minor league systems, showcases emerging baseball talents. Its operations span across the Midwestern United States, including states such as Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The Midwest League is renowned for its commitment to fostering the development of future baseball stars, providing a competitive environment where players can hone their skills.

Meaning and history

Midwest League Logo history

The Midwest League, originally founded as the Illinois State League in 1947 by Bert E. Moore, has a storied history in American baseball. It was renamed the Mississippi-Ohio Valley League before finally becoming the Midwest League in 1956. This league has been instrumental in developing numerous major league talents, becoming a crucial step in the journey of many professional players. Over the years, it has celebrated significant achievements, including the hosting of All-Star games and achieving record attendance numbers. Currently, the Midwest League stands as a vital component of MLB’s minor league system, continuing to serve as a proving ground for aspiring major league players and maintaining a significant presence in America’s baseball landscape.

What is Midwest League?
The Midwest League is a Class A minor league baseball organization, integral to the development of upcoming baseball players. It operates across several Midwestern states, playing a crucial role in nurturing and showcasing new talent in the sport. As part of Minor League Baseball, it remains a pivotal step for athletes on their journey to Major League Baseball.

1900s – 2016

Midwest League Logo 1900s
The first logo was basically a big wordmark that said ‘the Midwest League’ in three lines. The font was a normal serif typeface, and the color alternated between red and blue. There were also literal red lines between each layer of text. Moreover, instead of the ‘L’, they put a long, twisting stroke of red paint that ran through all three levels and ended in a big blotch where they placed an image of a baseball.

2017 – Today

Midwest League logo

The Midwest League logo introduced in 2017 features one of the most popular baseball logo themes – two crisscrossed bats. They are placed behind a home plate looking very much like a shield shape. On the forefront, the lettering “Midwest League” in white over a red banner can be seen. There’re also the words “Class A” and “Est. 1947” in smaller letters on the blue background.

Earlier, the organization used a completely different emblem based on the words “The Midwest League” with a white baseball. It featured slightly brighter shades of red and blue than the current emblem.

Midwest League logo