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Meaning and history

Midwest League Logo history

1900s – 2016

Midwest League Logo 1900s
The first logo was basically a big wordmark that said ‘the Midwest League’ in three lines. The font was a normal serif typeface, and the color alternated between red and blue. There were also literal red lines between each layer of text. Moreover, instead of the ‘L’, they put a long, twisting stroke of red paint that ran through all three levels and ended in a big blotch where they placed an image of a baseball.

2017 – Today

Midwest League logo

The Midwest League logo introduced in 2017 features one of the most popular baseball logo themes – two crisscrossed bats. They are placed behind a home plate looking very much like a shield shape. On the forefront, the lettering “Midwest League” in white over a red banner can be seen. There’re also the words “Class A” and “Est. 1947” in smaller letters on the blue background.

Earlier, the organization used a completely different emblem based on the words “The Midwest League” with a white baseball. It featured slightly brighter shades of red and blue than the current emblem.

Midwest League logo